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Bitcoin SV Breaks $40 Resistance — Can BSV Close the Year At $50?

Published October 19, 2023 1:25 PM
Nikola Lazic
Published October 19, 2023 1:25 PM

Key Takeaways

  • BSV rose by 60% from its August 17 low.
  • Overcoming the $40 resistance.
  • Chart analysis points out a potential major upturn.

BSV’s price,

having previously bottomed out at $26 on August 17, is once more testing the $40 resistance. A previous attempt on July 2 faced a swift rejection.

A subsequent push on October 2 encountered resistance, causing the price to retreat to $32. Now, with its third attempt, the pressing question is whether BSV can establish a position above $40 and aim for the $50 milestone.

BSV Price Analysis

Starting at its high of $483 on April 16, 2021, BSV entered a protracted decline, forming a descending channel. This downward path reached its nadir at a bear market low of $18 on June 10.

BSV in an uptrend
BSV in an uptrend


A notable resurgence ensued, with BSV skyrocketing by 205% to reach $56 by July 2, marking its initial breakthrough of the $40 resistance and suggesting the possibility of a bullish reversal.

On the daily chart, there’s evidence of a U-shaped pattern, characterized by a series of higher lows following the dip on June 10, a formation often associated with market bottoms. Given the current strong bullish momentum, there are strong indications that BSV may be entering a significant new bullish phase.

With the price now exhibiting robust bullish momentum, it seems that BSV is potentially commencing its next major bullish cycle. In such a scenario, it’s crucial for the price to maintain levels above the $40 resistance and ideally continue its upward trajectory for a more substantial advance. The next key horizontal resistance stands at $50, but if this indeed marks the start of the next major bullish cycle, further gains beyond the July peak are likely.

BSV 4h chart
BSV 4h chart

Diving into the 4-hour chart and delving deeper into the wave structure, it becomes apparent that if the initial upward movement, leading to a spike at $56 in July, represented the first wave of the initial impulse, the subsequent retracement found support at the 0.786 Fibonacci level on August 17 at $26.

However, following this wave count, the current uptrend from the low in August is considered as wave 3 of a higher degree, suggesting the potential for a significant rise to $89 and potentially beyond to $115.


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