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Xotika.TV To Exit Beta After 7 Months of Adding New Features and One Epic Bitcoin Tip

Last Updated April 28, 2023 4:05 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 4:05 AM

7 months ago, CCN first covered the launch of Xotika .TV as one of the newest and best live cam sites where users enjoy a friendly atmosphere and beautiful performers without giving up their privacy. In the coming weeks, Xotika .TV will exit their beta and bringing a variety of fresh new features to their users.

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Currently, Xotika .TV allows you to create a username or participate as a guest to see how the site works before signing up. They don’t require any personal identifying information such as credit card details which is beneficial from both a security and privacy standpoint.  Anyone can  tip using Bitcoin or altcoins and requires only one confirmation – once funds are approved they’re available to use instantly.

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Since launching Xotika .TV has made dramatic strides to improve the user experience for both viewers and performers. The website operates under the premise of having Channels and Channel Owners (performers). Any user can create their own channel and start broadcasting at any time as a performer. This can be done under the “My Channels” Function within the profile editing view. Here you can also create referral links where you can actually earn Bitcoin through Xotika .TV’s affiliate program every time you get viewers or performers to sign up.


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As for the performers, they’re not only beautiful, but they’re sourced through high-profile studios in Europe which have contracts – all of them legal of age – with strict rules and controlled broadcasting content, etc. Xotika .TV even goes through the process of getting them trained on cryptocurrencies, setting up wallets, and managing their funds.

When speaking with Cristian Cora, CEO of Xotika .TV, he highlighted the key aspects of what he believes makes Xotika .TV different from other live cam websites:

“Our goal is to offer our bitcoin-viewers a pay-as-you-wish, à la carte selection of channels with absolutely no obligations. All tips are optional. Performers have access to their earnings within minutes, and our atmosphere is super friendly. Our focus is to create a tasteful experience for optimal immersion and entertainment, inspired by smart TV.”

There are numerous benefits to speak of when using Xotika compared to other adult websites. Due to Bitcoin and altcoins (accepted through Shapeshift) being the source of tipping toward the performers, they can withdraw their received tips instantly and get to keep more of what they earn because of the nature of Bitcoin not having chargebacks.

For users, there are no ads and no banks involved so you can enjoy a distraction-free viewing experience. On top of that, because there are no ads, there’s less likelihood of malware winding up on your computer and the lack of bank and credit card processing keeps your privacy in your control.

Since Launching:

  • 60,164 users have visited the site
  • 552 channels have been visited 115,000 times
  • 1156 guests have registered a username
  • Users have tipped 130.228 BTC
  • Users spend on average 20 minutes on site
  • Affiliates have referred 3,142 users and made 4.550 BTC so far.

The single largest record single tip recorded was (8,888 bitcoin)

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Source: Reddit 

With adult websites like Ashley Madison creating news headlines due to leaked identities of users, it’s clear that Xotika is on the right track with keeping their customers and performers experiences as laid back, friendly and anonymous as possible.

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