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Xbox Users Open Up To Bitcoin Following Microsoft’s Decision To Accept It

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Jonathan Saewitz
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

XBOX CommunityTwo days ago, technology giant Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for users to fund their Microsoft accounts. With this move, Microsoft became the largest company in the world to accept Bitcoin. reddit users from /r/Bitcoin  eagerly began posting to /r/XboxOne  and other Microsoft-related subreddits about this addition, explaining what Bitcoin is, and tipping people.

Many Xbox fans quickly caught on and started asking questions on /r/Bitcoin, such as “what is the benefit of switching from cash/credit card to Bitcoin? “, and “what are some recommended wallets? “. Bitcoiners have been tipping users in all subreddits relevant to Microsoft, trying to increase knowledge of Microsoft’s acceptance of Bitcoin and Bitcoin in general.

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Change of Opinion

A screenshot of a few posts on reddit, including "Lets tip members from the /r/xboxone sub". Another says, "From the /r/xboxone community: Thank you /r/bitcoin!", and a third says, "You guys are awesome!"
Some of the recent posts on /r/Bitcoin about /r/XboxOne

Reddit user /u/Atheist_Saint posted links  to two posts on /r/XboxOne, one from a year ago , and one from two days ago . A year ago, a user asked, “what is microsoft’s or xbox’s stance on Bitcoin? Will we see them using it someday for xbox live if it holds out??”. Users downvoted the post to zero karma and responded with the comments “No”, “nope”, and “Guess what? Bit coin is a sham and a fad that will soon die.” The post from two days ago announced that “You can now buy Xbox credit with Bitcoin”; it obtained 776 karma, and had a mostly positive reception, with one user writing, “I now regret not getting into bitcoin”, and another sharing that “this has been the deciding factor in me now choosing xbox one over a PS4.” Many commented that they need to learn about Bitcoin.

At the end of the day, everyone benefited from Microsoft’s acceptance of Bitcoin. Microsoft got a new method of making money, free publicity, and showed that they are ahead of the cryptocurrency game; Bitcoiners got a new method of paying for Microsoft’s products, free publicity, new Bitcoiners, and further evidence that big companies can use Bitcoin; and Xbox users got a new method of paying for Microsoft’s products, and were introduced to a young & growing innovation.

What do you think about Xbox One fans learning about and using Bitcoin? Comment below!

Some names of reddit posts changed slightly for clarity.

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