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Why BIT.GAME Will Be One of the Best ICOs in 2018

Last Updated May 16, 2023 5:50 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 5:50 AM
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We all know that the gaming industry is ripe for disruption. Traditionally, it was only a handful of corporations and big named developers who had the ability to reap the benefits and revenue from gaming. Unfortunately, this was how the industry was designed to be.

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It wasn’t until the emergence of the smartphone and eventually the Apple App Store, that we saw a breakthrough in the space. Finally, innovation arrived where the independent gaming developers were able to profit from the millions of gamers around the world. The industry was no longer only catered to corporations with large budgets. Individuals of all kinds, who possessed the imaginations and talent to create high quality games were given a platform to build upon; and profit.

There is no doubt that the Apple App Store changed the gaming industry forever. Their approach and product benefitted millions of independent developers, but we’ve reached another turning point. The space is ready for its next “App Store”, utilizing today’s cutting edge technology that’s transforming the world as we know it; the blockchain.

Blockchain gaming has the potential to disrupt the industry even more than the App Store. Blockchain tech is far superior than the traditional centralized models that the Internet has been used to since its inception. It was only a matter of time until this wonderful technology was properly merged with the gaming industry.


Enter BIT.GAME, the world’s first digital assets exchange for blockchain games. BIT.GAME is positioned to pioneer the revolution of game development and distribution on the blockchain. They enable players and developers to earn new cryptocurrencies from playing and contributing. Their platform removes the friction of blockchain game development, creating a seamless production of high quality games built on the blockchain. Thousands of decentralized games will be able to launch and offer the world a gaming experience that’s more equitable and rewarding for players and developers alike.

The BIT.GAME platform is comprised of the following components:

  1. The BIT.GAME Platform – a DAICO launchpad (Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering). Token buyers of games that conduct an ICO on BIT.GAME can vote to release funds on every progress. This creates a safe environment for game funding, by ensuring a high quality string of blockchain games without resorting to centralized curation or management.
  2. The BIT.GAME Solution – greatly simplifies the technical barriers for game developers as well as players. Off-chain token circulation based on IOUs allow game developers to simplify owning cryptocurrencies for their players as well as trading and management.
  3. The BIT.GAME Exchange – By creating a sufficient exchange, BIT.GAME is merging the worlds of blockchain and gaming to allow the over 2 billion gamers around the world to safely purchase gaming assets. Additionally, the exchange solves the problem of liquidity in the BIT.GAME ecosystem. Game owners, contributors, developers, and gamers can also trade their tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

Who’s Behind the Project?

Eric Sun 

A well known senior game developer and blockchain expert in China, who holds a Master’s Degree from Tsinghua University. He has been a successful internet entrepreneur serving as CEO in several companies. He’s perhaps most notable for being CEO at Palm2Play Technology. He also worked at Perfect World and French Telecom R&D Center.

Kelvin Wong 

Graduated from PKU and received his Master’s Degree from CAS. He has no less than 10 years of operational experience in global trading platforms and game products. He is also the creator of one of the most popular gaming platforms of Southeast Asia.

Sean He 

Successful entrepreneur with 15 years of senior management experience in communications/media companies.

Keynes Zhang 

The former manager of HUOBI. Has deep experience in internal control and auditing, served as a VP for 3 years at BSB bank. Also MS of USW.

Notable Partners/Investors

Matrix AI Founding Team

CEO Owen Tao, Chief AI Architect Steve Deng, and Chief Network Architect Bill Li are arguably some the most brilliant minds in blockchain technology. They are extremely involved in BIT.GAME, further solidifying it as one of the biggest ICOs of 2018.

Elastos Founding Team

Rong Chen and Feng Han are deeply involved in the project, showing just how much potential BIT.GAME has in the industry of blockchain gaming.

Clearly, BIT.GAME is ready to take the crypto world by storm. Their amazing product, paired with their outstanding steam and stellar advisors, creates the perfect recipe for success. The incredible companies that support the project have proven that they know exactly what it takes to build innovative products that we all need. We’re excited to see the positive impact BIT.GAME will make on the world in the years to come!

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