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Welocal Gives Every Citizen an Opportunity to Become His/Her Own Boss

Last Updated May 16, 2023 5:29 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 5:29 AM
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WeLocal managed to create a marketing platform, where the whole ecosystem circulates in the cryptocurrency only. Due to the short-term plan provided by the developers the system will be autonomous PeerToPeer ecosystem, which includes loan brokerage, by the time of 2019.

WeLocal Decentralized Peer-to-peer Networking Ecosystem is an infrastructure where businesses grow through collaboration. That is the place where people are able to connect by building business networks. WeLocal is fully equipped to provide a wide range of opportunities as well as all necessary tools for additional capitalization of business, shareholders voting, managers incentivization, and initial rate control for the main cryptocurrency coin WLC.

The cryptocurrency is based on a new StableGrowthCoin concept, which is conceived to stabilize the WLC value in relation to USD and further facilitate the growth of WLC based solely on the constantly rising WeLocal platform’s market value. WeLocal system is related to cryptocurrency exchanges and payment systems. It provides everything possible for easy withdrawal and currency conversion and increases options for its use in foreign exchange markets.

WIE (WeLocal Innovation Ecosystem) initially consists of several platforms: decentralized joint stock community, multi-currency monetary system, P2P trading and auction platform Zazadu and innovative POV (proof of value) cryptocurrency ZingCoin. In other words while using WIE, you will have the access at the same time to the system where you could build businesses, to the marketplace and to the system that works on low-volatility cryptocurrency with a predictable upper price movement.

With the help of the platform each user can issue own currency, redeemable on demand in transitional currency units, or as a cash payment for goods/services at one’s place of business.


The developers of WIE provided users with the short-term plan. According to the plan, the system will achieve the level of a discount blockchain-based online marketplace with discounts of up to 90% by April 2018. By the October 2018 the developers will introduce the WLC DebitCard/Smartphone app and the coin will be featured in the TOP 20 on Coinmarketcap.

Actually, Welocal platform could be named inclusive. Since users will be able to educate themselves, earn money, read articles and different materials within the WIE. The developers state that:

‘Using WeLocal is like owning your own dealership, retail business network or own cryptocurrency exchange. It combines the benefits of highly liquid and stable investment, of your own cryptocurrency exchange and the social network that pays you money for participating.’