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UNNIO Creates a More Equitable Internet

Last Updated May 5, 2023 6:00 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 5, 2023 6:00 AM

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Content creators and creative workers can be left in lurch by the powers that be online. The Internet is dominated today by giants who make the rules and often do not care for the little guys. Whether it is social media users who actually create the lively atmosphere that makes Facebook a success or YouTubers that generate millions of views, it is tough going when rules of the game are changed suddenly and there is no transparency or fairness in how these creative people are compensated. Facebook was in news for planning to cut off video content creators as well as Business Insider  reported, “Under the current program, Facebook pays about 300 publishers, influencers, celebrities, and content creators given they produce a minimum number of minutes per month; live videos must be at least six minutes long, and on-demand videos at least 90 seconds long. Most of the deals Facebook has with publishers will expire by the end of the year or in early 2018.”

UNNIO  plans to create a fair and transparent blockchain based rewards ecosystems that holds the promise to change the way creative content is compensated on the internet. In order to ensure that a single unified rewards program operates across the platform they have established UNIFUL, which is a decentralised app.

A common rewards platform across content

UNIFUL is the rewards platform part of UNNIO, which can be expanded to infinity. The platform is independent of the type of content and can serve all types of possible monetisation. UNNIO plans to leverage UNIFUL already to create rewards systems for photos, news, reviews and web comics etc. The UNIFUL environment is catching the eye of existing applications as well. They have on boarded Cashtree , an Indonesian app that more than 14 mln existent users. Another big app that has joined the UNIFUL ranks is MOCI  from South Korea that has been downloaded more than 6 mln times. Other apps that would be becoming part of the UNIFUL galaxy include Review Republic for reviews and UNNIO app for Photos.

Common Rewards are creating stakeholders

The UNNIO rewards system is compatible with multiple content formats, it comes as a boon to especially those creators who want to work with multiple mediums. What is good for such people is the ability to get rewards in the common UNIF coins. Whatever dapps they use or create, they would be able to earn UNIF coins for their work or contributions. UNIF coins can be exchanged using the CLET, wallet cum messenger for UNNIO tokens, which are further exchangeable for fiat or crypto using currency exchanges. This basically now allows encashable rewards to be earned by users of the dapps as well as content creators. It also gives them a stake in the internet.


UNNIO to crowdfund development

In order to establish the ecosystem, UNNIO are taking the crowdfunding route. It will also foster interest in the project and create a community around the rewards ecosystem. The initial coin offering (ICO) of the project will continue till June 30, 2018. A bonus of 10 per cent is being given to investors during this period. UNNIO tokens sold during the ICO would be available for US$ 0.08 per token. The ICO’s stated aim is to generate US$ 20 mln. A white paper  about the project has been released. Investors can participate in the ICO through NEXT  or BITSONIC . They can also participate through UNNIO’s own website . With the launch of alpha service stated to be in Q4 of 2018, UNNIO would have the chance to reimagine and redistribute web revenue. Participants in the project who want a more equitable internet should surely be excited.