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Ujo Music and BitPagos’ Ripio Among 31 Blockchain Projects to Demo in Shanghai

Andrew Quentson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

The biggest blockchain event to be held in just 9 days will feature a live demo of 31 projects  according to ChainB, hosts of Demo Day.

Among the projects is Ripio, a bitcoin wallet and brokerage service launched by Bitpagos operating mainly in Latin America where inflation is running as high as 40% in some countries, such as Argentina. They will demo Ripio Credit, which provides Bitpagos’ more than 30,000 users with access to credit and an easy way to transact online without a credit card.

Ujo Music, one of the cooler projects which released Imogen Heap’s – Tiny Human – on ethereum’s blockchain, is to showcase their latest product in an attempt to further disrupt the music industry and allow artists to directly distribute their work to users, potentially cutting off middle men, lowering prices as well as increasing profits for artists.

We have covered five of the projects in much more detail in a previous article. They are joined by VeChain, a blockchain service provider which works with manufacturers to ensure products are genuine by providing them with a chip which contains the blockchain based details of the product.

Fluent, which declares itself as “the financial operating network for global commerce” and has Tom Niermann, former Head of Tech and Partnerships at Google, as director, will present their latest work on increasing “efficiency, provide flexibility, and enhance collaboration across global supply chains.”

At the other end of the financial spectrum, WeiFund will showcase their decentralized crowdfunding platform which is built on Ethereum’s blockchain. Unlike traditional crowdfunding websites, projects and contributors on WeiFund’s platform will be able to create complex smart contract arrangements, such as release x% of funds dependent on results, thus reducing the current high risk of scam projects that simply run with everyone’s money.

Another project trying to fulfill Hayek’s suggestion for private enterprise to issue their own currency is STABL, an Ethereum based token that aims to keep the price constant, thus allowing it to act as a hedge for inherently volatile digital currencies.

The blockchain Demo Day even has a DAO. PASSLFIX, a Moscow-based new start-up, wants to bring blockchain technology to parcel delivery and postal services. They explain on their website that a sender can specify the conditions of a delivery through a smart contract which the courier accepts by signing on the blockchain the smart contract agreement.


Further options are available, such as smartifying luggages or postboxs, by furnishing them with internet of things technology, such as sensors or gps. This may allow for more secure parcel delivery as well as tracking of any lost item, considerably reducing delivery costs and risks as customers may not need to pay for item insurance in the event of loss.

These are just some of the projects in no particular order. ChainB has released a video with a fuller list of blockchain projects, but that is still a demo projects for just one day, September 22nd. There are many more during Devcon2 and the Blockchain Summit, making the event an overall showcasing of the entire blockchain space.

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