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TrueGame Successfully Complete Token Sale: The Evolution of the iGaming Industry

Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:38 AM
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Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:38 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Truegame has recently completed their successful token sale, introducing a fully developed, smart contract based iGaming platform to the blockchain . Truegame is set to launch a wide range of iGaming products later this year, the new site is set to offer Casino, Slots, Lottery and, instant-win-games.

May 7th, 2018. Costa Rica, San Jose: The iGaming world could be set to change significantly with the news that pioneering new company Truegame  are about to launch a wide range of gaming products based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

While the practical uses of Blockchain have been discussed at length, one sphere in which they could certainly be put to use is iGaming, as the revolutionary technology behind the blockchain can be used to generate games where there is complete transparency between player and operator by effectively removing any doubts about variable RTP (return to player).

There have been other iGaming/Blockchain projects, however, crucially, Truegame  is the first to offer such a variety of games that are actually based on smart contracts, with all results visible on the blockchain open registry.

They are also among the few to have sought out real world gambling industry licenses, with a Curacao license to be soon approved and discussions with other jurisdictions ongoing.


The Truegame Platform

Customers will use Truegames’s token TGAME utility to play on their website and the soon-to-be-launched mobile apps, which will include casino, slots, scratchcards, lottery and instant win games.

Truegame utilizes blockchain technology, the power behind this tech removes any doubts about the operator’s integrity. Truegame will soon be granted a gambling license from Curacao and are in negotiations with other regulatory bodies worldwide.

While the site will include a range of in-house developed games, Truegame is also actively working with a number of leading providers from the iGaming industry as they look to further enhance their product offering.

The project has received wide praise from the Blockchain community, collecting the highest rating possible from ICO trackers and also receiving the backing of Bitcoin.com’s COO, Mate Tokay.

Additionally, the project has attracted unprecedented attention from the iGaming community, with several leading figures from the industry on-board as advisors, including Gluck Games COO and co-founder Arvind Upadhyay, Gamevy CEO and Gluck Games Director Robert Lenzhofer and Andrew Clarke, former Head of Communications at Lottoland and now Head of Communications at The Multigroup.

The next phase in the evolution of the Truegame platform will see them embark on a widespread marketing campaign as they look to claim significant market share.

Dmitry Danilov, CEO of Truegame, said:

“In an age where player protection is under increasing scrutiny and the integrity of some of the world’s biggest gaming operators is under regular question, we saw the huge potential for an iGaming model where there is complete transparency between the player and the ‘house’.

He Added:

“We are the first to launch a working iGaming platform that is based on smart contract technology and we will move fast and work hard to ensure we gain market share in what will become a strong and competitive marketplace in years to come; one that could rival and even eventually surpass the iGaming industry as we currently know it.”

The TGAME Token

The TGAME token is a Utility token used as the means of payment for participating in games on the Truegame  platform. Customers require TGAME tokens in order to play on the website.

The token sale held the top position for the highest rating on most ICO trackers, including ICO Bench: 4.8/5 with 96 experts ratings and the ICO Rating Agency who judged it to be “low risk” and gave it a “positive rating”.

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