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TRON as a Public Blockchain and Honor of Its Post-1990s Founder

Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:21 AM
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Last Updated May 5, 2023 5:21 AM
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TRON, which has been topical and controversial since its start, just launched its counterpart to Ethereum, possibly the most famous public chain whose smart contract standard (ERC20) is supporting a variety of tokens.

May 31, 2018 (GMT+8) – TRON Mainnet Launch. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON announced that Odyssey 2.0 “is a milestone for TRON”, heralded it as a “new stage of development for the [TRON] foundation” and “welcome[d] all TRON supporters to download and use.”

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Now let’s talk about the past, present and future of TRON Mainnet.

Developed by a Mighty Team

The team of TRON proves itself capable enough to build and run its own public blockchain, for its notable developing pace among all peers.


Back in early 2018, TRON had barely 60 employees. Now the number is 200, which means that one new member and more has been joining per day since then. It’s a truly international team, with members from seven countries on four continents, while some of them used to be senior staff of Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook and other top companies.

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TRON Odyssey 2.0 has accumulated 2,153 commits, merged 547 forks, released 15 software iterations, and added 102 new features. After 384 unit tests that ensure code security, 461 function tests and a stringent code review, Odyssey 2.0 is now complete and available online.

With a consistent trade volume of between USD 500 M – USD 1B, TRON has a secure seat among the top 5 of most traded cryptos. TRX is listed on 50 mainstream exchanges worldwide, activated 100+ trading pairs, covering 30 countries and regions. TRON’s independence from Ethereum has garnered the support of all major exchanges around the globe.

It was Ethereum that helped TRON take this first step.

And Justin Sun didn’t forget to extend his gratitude on the launch day: “In those 376 days, and with Ethereum’s help, we completed TRON’s first distributed financing round, set the foundation for our community, and cemented partnerships with mainstream exchanges around the world.”

On May 31, TRON launched its mainnet, Odyssey 2.0. It was a sprint to overtake Ethereum’s 30-month development project in just 3 months.

Unique Advantages of TRON Mainnet

Launching this public blockchain is not about what TRON needs now, but what the blockchain industry is going to be and where our time is leading to.

As we know, inherent flaws forbid Ethereum to support the newest generation of high-performance DApps. Ethereum is unable to effectively resolve community governance issues, limited by an authoritarian system dominated by the foundation and developer team. Such problems have bedeviled developers and users for quite a while. Here is exactly TRON can make a difference with its much higher TPS and a properly decentralized governance mechanism.

With TRON, every user can initiate 25 transfers a day for free and creating a new account requires coin burn of only 0.1TRC. And its democratic governance is based on universal suffrage.

As Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, says, “Compared to Ethereum, Odyssey 2.0’s TPS is on a whole other level, ensuring that protocol governance is democratic and decentralized. Providing a high TPS tackles performance issues at their source – issues that have long plagued the industry. It taps into the disruptive power of blockchain technology and lays a solid foundation for large-scale dApps in Q3 [of 2018].”

Grand Roadmap

Besides talking about the features of Odyssey 2.0, Justin Sun showed us a clear roadmap and a confident team on the launch.

Team. Justin announced that TRON will “continue growing in Q3 and expect to exceed 500 by yearend and 1,000 in 2019. TRON will be the fastest growing blockchain team in the world, and more importantly, one of the largest, most diverse teams out there today.”

Virtual Machine. TRON will launch the official TVM version on July 31, at which time developers will be able to fully utilize the VM to build applications that are on a whole other level than Ethereum. And this will mark the start of a high-performance, decentralized ecosystem.

Apps. Dapps on the TRON Protocol are coming to fruition. A solid foundation for system infrastructure with blockchain explorers and wallets for different platforms has been laid, which is expected to rally its 100M+ user base in Q3 and begin migrating from the traditional Internet environment to Tron Protocol.

After asserting his ambition to make TRX “the hottest crypto in the world”, Justin Sun pinpointed his plan in the next few months:

June 25: TRON’s Independence Day;

June 26: First Super Representative Election;

July 31: Official launch of TVM version.

The price of TRX rose by 6% during the half hour after the launch began on May 31, 2018 (GMT+8), while it had been fluctuating around USD 0.06 on the same day.

In this launch, we see a finely-equipped and clear-sighted blockchain team for whom independence from Ethereum is like the falling of a ripen apple.

As Justin Sun says, it’s all natural.