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Thought – The World’s First Mineable Public AI Blockchain Is More Than Just a Regular ICO Project

Last Updated April 21, 2023 5:10 AM
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Last Updated April 21, 2023 5:10 AM
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Solving one of the most prominent issues in the data and AI industry

The world’s first university backed ICO, Thought.live, is developing the first mineable public AI blockchain, which will create a completely new way of utilizing the data generated by our society.

Thought is embedding smart logic and AI into every bit of information, making information aware of its origin and able to act on its own to accomplish its purpose.

Thought patented technology of making data smart reduces the need for external applications that until this point have been required, increasing processing speed and decreasing the complexity associated with these application. In addition, it decreases the problem with the exponentially increasing amounts of data.

„With the advancements in technology we are also experiencing an increase in information created by our society. Everything from social media to human genome research generates data, and we are already struggling to process it all.“ Explains Professor Andrew Hacker, the CEO of Thought. „With Smart Data, we can usher in a whole new paradigm of active data, where we can do the things we want more securely, efficiently, quickly and intelligently.”


Introducing unparalleled security to artificial intelligence

Sam Jones, the Chief Software Engineer of Thought: „Using blockchain technology allows us to protect every bit of information with multi-layered encryption, creating the highest level of security.“

„Being able to secure individual bits of data is like the Holy Grail of cybersecurity.“ Adds Professor Hacker, who in addition to running Thought is a cybersecurity expert in residence at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, which is one of Thought’s closest partners.

Bringing equality to the monopolistic world of AI

In addition to vastly improving the security of information by integrating blockchain technology and multi-level encryption, Though opens up many new opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence.

One of the main aspects of Thought is their ecosystem where data is used as the commodity. Until this point AI and data analytics has been the playground for giant corporations who have billions of dollars and millions of active users. The smaller guys who don’t have such funding are left out of the game. Thought’s ecosystem will change that, giving everyone the possibility to access AI and valuable data for reasonable prices.

“AI, by its very nature, must be personalized in order to be accepted and effective. AI cannot remain trapped at Google, Amazon, Microsoft or IBM – it is designed to help people, not only huge companies. There’s no way AI gets developed to its greatest potential if it’s only limited to these large enterprises.” Says Matthew Hykes, Chief Software Archidect of Thought.

„Till this day, access to AI and big data has been limited to only a handful of organizations, but for seeing true innovation take place, AI and data have to become easily accessed and available to everyone who’s looking to work with this emerging technology.” Says Nathaniel DiMemmo, COO of Thought.

The importance of a great team

Nathaniel adds: „Coming up with world-changing ideas and realizing them to bring the state of the art innovations to the world, have always been the priorities for our team. Our team has worked together for years, developing the next thing that will take the field of artificial intelligence and data handling to the next level.“

„It is incredible to witness how our team is able to crush one obstacle after another with collective passion, even if it requires sleepless nights and 20-hour workdays.“ Says Andrew Hacker. „Three patents and 10 years of work later, things are finally coming together. Every day interest and support behind our project increases dramatically and we are powering towards to the completion of our platform.“

Collaboration with Harrisburg University

„We’re proud of Andrew’s accomplishments and are honored to have him as a valuable member of Harrisburg University,” said the President of Harrisburg University Dr. Eric Darr. „The upcoming release of this new technology, Thought, and its applications for businesses and consumers in AI and analytics represents the bleeding edge of innovation. Harrisburg University looks forward to continuing its work with Mr. Hacker and Thought as they continue developing new and valuable technology.“

„We are not only developing AI, we are educating people on this new field. Working closely with Harrisburg University has allowed us to bring knowledge to thousands of people, bringing great AI blockchain technology to the forefront and training a new generation of people knowleageable in the latest advancements in tech.“ Says Professor Hacker.

Join the ICO

Thought’s ICO is live now. Sign up at https://thought.live  to receive a 10% discount on your purchase until the end of March. From the 1st of April to the end of the ICO on the 30th of April participants receive a 5% discount.