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The Natural Evolution of Control Devices? Your Thoughts

Last Updated May 21, 2023 9:04 AM
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Last Updated May 21, 2023 9:04 AM
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The interaction between humans, with machines and computers has always been one of the crucial points for the success of these devices. At the beginning of the industrial era, everything was controlled through buttons and levers, then, later on with switches, digital buttons, voice commands, touchscreens and even simple physical movements of the hands or body. The market for peripherals and interactive systems is now approaching the $ 1000 billion, including computer peripherals; touchscreens used in smartphones, controllers for gaming consoles etc.

Despite the enormous progress made so far in man-machine interface sector, and the huge variety of existing integrative systems, all of these have the characteristic of requiring a physical interaction of the user with the machine.

However, this is not always possible, or comfortable for the user. People with disabilities can have great difficulty controlling a device, or the total lack of possibility of doing so, while in other cases, users can find the interaction with the machines simply inconvenient or frustrating.

Just think about what you want

The Basis Neuro company, based in the Cayman Islands, was formed about ten years ago by a group of neuroscientists, led by Dmitry Lazurenko and is looking to solve the problem of physical interaction with the world around us, thanks to the use of a device that can control every type of electronic device through the power of thought.

The team has already built several prototypes and performed hundreds of experiments, and will soon be able to market their devices.


These devices, similar to ergonomic headphones, are able to read brain waves, decoding the impulses, and translating them into commands, which are then transmitted to the various devices via Bluetooth. A technology that will revolutionize our relationship with electronic devices, but which can also be used for other purposes, such as monitoring brain activity and even brain stimulation to improve performance or to induce any kind of sensation.

To continue the study of brain waves and the creation of the devices for these interactions, Basis Neuro is now in the ICO phase, having already reached the soft cap of $ 5 million in less than a weeks time after its initial departure and whose hard cap is 30 million.

The ICO of Basis Neuro has the peculiarity of allowing only trusted investors to join, moreover the CEO Nikolay Sviridov, has decided to personally interview all those who are interested in investing in the Basis Neuro token (called BNST), in order to know in advance what the intentions of investors are once the tokens are bought. This will allow him to be able to predict the changes in value in the months and years to follow.

Tokens will not only let Basis Neuro finance all their activities, it will also allow owners to buy the devices (when they are ready for sale) at a reduced price and to access the Basis Neuro platform, which will be a point of meeting for all users of the neural interface, but also for those who want to use this technology to develop their products under their own brand.

Users of the Basis Neuro platform will also be able to sell their own brain wave data in exchange for tokens. The collected data will then be used by the laboratories to further studies and to improve the performance of the neural interfaces.

Basis Neuro has all the features to become the leading company in the field of thoughts controlled devices, a sector that has enormous prospects for the future and possible developments that go as far as the transmission of user-to-user thinking.


To buy tokens, read the whitepaper and learn more about the team go to https://ico.basisneuro.com/ .