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The Leading Decentralized Crypto Gambling Platform “Cryptogaming” Will Start Pre-Sale Soon

Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:08 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:08 AM
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The leading decentralized crypto gambling platform “Cryptogaming” will start pre-sale soon.

Crypto gambling is the future of online gambling. With the many advantages of blockchain technology, such as security, reliability, transparency, larger prize pools, anonymous payments, and faster transactions, you will experience the new world of encrypted betting games.

If you’ve been playing traditional gambling games, I highly recommend trying to play encrypted gambling games – millions of whales on the platform.

Help you to win crypto assets

Our vision is to help every crypto player in the world to win crypto assets,” said the founder of the encryption park.

In order to realize this vision, they are committed to building a fair, secure and win-win encryption gaming platform. Therefore, they have formed a strong team composed of global first-line game companies, blockchain startups senior engineers, marketing talents, and professional customer service personnel. They have a global vision, as well as a variety of cultural backgrounds and language skills.


In addition, they “game rules on blockchain, game assets on blockchain, and smart contract execution revenue distribution, and professional teams review technology and smart contracts to ensure fairness, security, and transparency.”

Help you become a million-whale

“With a maximum of 1 million times bonus designs, we have to offer every crypto player a chance to become a million-whale.

This is the biggest competitive advantage of our game. As far as I know, there is no such high crypto gambling game on the market,” said the founder of the encryption platform.

In addition, it has eight competitive advantages:

  • The lottery number is randomly generated based on the EOS block, verifiable and transparent
  • Instant payment, return bonus
  • Protect player privacy and security
  • Betting is mining
  • Pledge dividends
  • Profit auction
  • Whale List Rewards
  • Lucky draw

It is reported that this game is expected to be online on January 21. The prize is opened once every minute. The lottery number consists of random numbers based on the end of the EOS block. If the last digit of the ID of a block number is not a number, it will be extended to the next block. The goal of this game is to grow countless salted fish into dreamy, passionate crypto whales, giving them the opportunity to become a million-whale.

Buy CGG for a great future

The Cryptogaming platform will issue EOS-based platform tokens, with a total of 20 million CGGs, which will never be over-issued. The application scenario of CGG is as follows:

  • Betting
  • Pledge dividends
  • Participate in platform or community governance
  • Recommended token or project margin
  • Trading area
  • Other online platforms, offline payment, and other application scenarios
  • Financial plan

Cryptogaming’s Creation CGG will open the auction on January 11th, starting at 8888EOS = 1 CGG, and the highest bidder within 24h will get the first CGG, which we call it the Genesis CGG.

Genesis CGG Benefits:

(1) Collection and commemorative value;

(2) The account of Genesis CGG is permanently entitled to Token or project recommendation, and it is recommended to successfully enjoy the 10% of the recommendation for permanent success;

(3) CGG Whale Community Qualifications. In addition, the recommended bid winners, the platform will take 20% of the auction price as a reward.

CGG will open the pre-sale on January 13. Each EOS will be exchanged for 20 CGGs. Within 24 hours of opening the pre-sale, the bonus policy is as follows:

  • 100-500 EOS, reward 0.5%
  • 500-1000 EOS, reward 1%
  • 1000-1500 EOS, reward 1.5%
  • 1500-2000 EOS, reward 2%
  • 2000 EOS or more, reward 2.5%

Become an investor or partner of Cryptogaming, or join the Cryptogaming community to help global crypto players win crypto assets.

Through this crypto gambling innovation experiment, the blockchain technology is correctly understood and used by more people, shaping a more ambitious future for the blockchain, and changing the future through blockchain gambling innovation.

Invest or become a partner, please learn more about cryptogaming:

Official website:https://dappswin.io/#/ 

white paper:https://dappswin.io/whitepaper/cryptogame-en-1.0.pdf