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The Hyperledger Blockchain Project Sees 7 new Members

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM

The Hyperledger Project, an open-source cross-industry endeavor focused on blockchain technology and led by the Linux Foundation will see seven new members.

In an announcement today, the Hyperledger Project revealed seven new members join the ranks to help enable the development and rollout of enterprise grade, open-source blockchain solutions.

In a statement, newly appointed executive director Brian Behlendorf who is leading the project underlined the potential for blockchain solutions in enterprise. He stated:

The enterprise application of blockchain technology is set to change the way we conduct business and will have a profound impact across all sectors of business.

The new members announced today are:

  • Belink Technologies – a Chinese technology firm.
  • BitSE – a blockchain startup from Shanghai, China.
  • INVeSHARE – a consultancy firm.
  • MonetaGo – formerly a bitcoin exchange, now a blockchain firm.
  • Moscow Exchange – Russia’s largest exchange group.
  • Norbloc – a Swedish blockchain firm.
  • Onchain – A blockchain wallet API provider.

The new members join a growing number of bitcoin- and blockchain-related firms including the likes of bitcoin exchange itBit, Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik-led blockchain solutions firm Bloq. Prominent global news service Thomson Reuters is also among the many members with the project adding plenty by the numbers every month.

“To be able to welcome this many new members each month is not only a testament to what we are doing, but is paramount to our success in developing distributed ledger technology for the world,” Behlendorf stated.

The Hyperledger Project is arguably the foremost blockchain project of its kind, wherein leading industry players are collaborating in a Linux Foundation-led effort to develop open-source blockchain solutions. Early reports revealed technology giant IBM to be among the proponents for the endeavor that also counts several prominent banks such as JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

Earlier this year in February, the Hyperledger Project revealed code proposals and new members joining the effort. In connection to the cross-industry effort, IBM threw its weight to fully support and develop blockchain technology for real world applications.

In May 2016, Apache web server’s primary developer and former Mozilla Foundation member Brian Behlendorf was instated as the project’s executive director.

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