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The Emergence of Blockchain 5.0

Last Updated April 21, 2023 4:17 AM
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Last Updated April 21, 2023 4:17 AM
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Evolution of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has become a global trend because of bitcoin. The benefits of blockchain technology in the economy, politic, humanitarian and legal systems demonstrate its potential to be a revolutionary innovation that reshapes all aspects of society. The evolution of blockchain can be divided into five stages:

Blockchain 1.0: Payment Blockchain

Blockchain 2.0: Smart Contract

Blockchain 3.0: Blockchain of Things


Blockchain 4.0: Cross-Chain Function, the digital economy ecosystem and development trend of various gaming, real estate, entertainment, information, banking, tourism, games, social and other fields.

Blockchain 5.0: Unique Tech Blockchain, blockchain technology has improved with continuous breakthrough innovation and the speed is unimaginable. Multinational corporation such as Alibaba, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft will pour in active research and development in this new technology.

Criteria of Blockchain 5.0

In response to Blockchain 5.0 innovation, in order to be classified as Blockchain 5.0, it must consist of two unique smart technologies condition:

Condition 1: Technology applications must transcend and innovate blockchain technology from generation to generation.

Condition 2: Must have unique and patented technology in either telecommunications, biotechnology or chemical engineering.

For example, the confirmation time of bitcoin transactions is about 60 minutes or more. However, as long as the bitcoin is traded on the public chain developed by Blockchain 5.0 technology, the time required is only 3 seconds, the transaction process is smooth and the transaction fee is very low.

Cryptocurrency wallet developed by Blockchain 5.0 has multiple functions, allowing users to freely trade any kind of cryptocurrency in the chain through cross-chain technology, and the transaction process can be completed in just 3 seconds. Because Blockchain 5.0 technology has universal smart contract application technology, it can integrate the advantages of other chains to develop new sub-chains. For example, blockchain developers can integrate Ethereum’s smart contracts with EOS smart contracts as the underlying application design to develop a new blockchain with faster speed and lesser funding.

Blockchain 5.0- Value and Application

The value of blockchain application is determined by its function and circulation. Blockchain 5.0 has cross-chain universal smart contract application and products developed either by telecommunications, biotechnology or chemical engineering. In the future, the main distributorship in each country and product transactions can only use tokens generated by Blockchain 5.0 technology as the medium for trading. Through this dual engine power, it enables token circulation to be greatly enhanced in the market and the value will also increase relatively.

Tokens generated by Blockchain 5.0 technology has the value for buy and hold, it can create unlimited profits for you because:

1) As a blockchain technology application expands, more and more programs will use it

2) Multi-functional crypto wallet, lower transaction fees, more users

3) Token must be used to purchase products developed either by telecommunications, biotechnology or chemical engineering

Blockchain 5.0 combines two breakthrough technologies, and the driving force of this dual-engine has become the representative of Blockchain 5.0. It has unique advantages, patents, unprecedented value, and potential. If you can imagine, the future of Blockchain 5.0 is unstoppable. Bitcoin, which only have payment function, its price has risen 26 million times in 8 years; Ethereum, which only has smart contract functions, has risen 5,000 times in three years. Whereas, Blockchain 5.0 has surpassed both payment and smart contract functions, how many times will the value of Blockchain 5.0 token will rise in the future?