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The Digital Euro Wallet Designed by Leading Crypto Currency Exchange Globitex

Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:02 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:02 AM

Launched in February of 2019, the Euro Wallet  provides the financial market with an unrivaled solution to crypto exchange transfer speed. An efficient alternative that no bank can provide, transferring cryptocurrencies between exchanges, individuals and into FIAT has never been simpler. Created by the currency exchange Globitex, it opens a wide array of possibilities to their clients for better, faster and safer use of cryptocurrencies.

Wherever you live in the European Union, it stands as a welcome commitment in the ever-evolving digital and FIAT currencies. The EURO wallet by Globitex creates a well-needed solution to today’s exchange market inefficiencies, jumping the hurdles others simply can’t.

A currency exchange platform ready for the future

In a world where a single second has a measurable impact, Globitex’s cryptocurrency exchange platform stands in a category of its own. After platform launch in 2017, the company’s vision of the future financial world is one which in contrary to many ICOs, creates a realistic bridge between FIAT, cryptocurrencies and traditional banking. Although the original concept of the company feels like many other currency exchanges, their vision and the recent addition of the EURO wallet as an IBAN (International Banking Account Number) component to their platform sets them apart as the industry leader in smart trading and currency exchange. With many upcoming additions to the current concept, the company shows great promise for investors and traders or all kinds, be it beginners, advanced or institutional.

“Globitex strives to be the market leader in convenience, security and compliance,” says CEO Uldis Teraudkalns, adding “With these values in mind, we have created the EURO Wallet.”

Integrating IBAN into the cryptocurrency exchange platform

With the creation of the EURO wallet, Globitex can now attribute an IBAN account to the clients in their currency exchange platform. What it means for consumers is simple: it creates a realistic alternative to current traditional banks and a direct link between crypto and FIAT currencies. Their clients can now use the Globitex exchange to seamlessly transfer between their local currency and crypto, as well as pay all types of bills, eliminating the need for third-party banks. With the planned addition of a physical card in 2019, it further opens the door to a tangible presence of crypto in the market, allowing for even the simplest of purchases to be processed in a matter of moments. Currently, the only cryptocurrency exchange platform with such a component, the company’s EURO wallet stands as a pioneering feature of the financial world of tomorrow.


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