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The Bloomzed Project Challenges the Charity Industry

Last Updated May 21, 2023 8:53 AM
Press Release
Last Updated May 21, 2023 8:53 AM
The founders of the project are changing the mechanism of philanthropy, using technology for transparency, control, and involvement of more people, including the global crypto – community, which is estimated at 250 – 300 million people.

Human life is usually poor in good deeds, charity is one of the ways out. This is the opinion of most of us, and the wealthiest people in the world are no exception. According to Forbes, from 2014 to 2018 (the last year with information available) the 25 most generous American philanthropists have allocated a total of $51.6 billion to nonprofit organizations. The money is directed to different initiatives, ranging from criminal justice reform and education to research and poverty reduction. 

At the same time, it should be noted that most of the donors, according to the research, first of all raise funds to their own foundations, engaging in independent assistance, rather than giving grants to third-party charities. This is due to the fact that, often, it is impossible to verify the address of the allocated funds. In addition, many charities distribute funding in the form of grants that stimulates the bureaucracy to develop in the procedures for receiving grants for those in need.

This causes great distrust in the established way of conducting charitable activities. At the same time, there is a large number of people who want to help. The creators of the Bloomzed project , who are engaged in the implementation of universal financial services and know firsthand about the development of qualitatively new solutions for the industry, decided to take up the field of charity and bring something fundamentally new to it. Especially it is necessary in such hard times for everyone – times when the pandemic of COVID-19 has covered all corners of a planet, and the direct help became as never before actual. 

A New Instrument Of Charitable Activity

The founders of the Bloomzed project have set themselves the ambitious task of inventing a completely new way of charity. And this “new word” in philanthropy is Bloomzed’s “Limited Charity Token Offering” initiative, a campaign called “Bloomzed’s High5 Covid -19 Relief Movement” to support the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. The long and complex names hide one simple and straightforward task – to unite those around the world, whether ordinary people, private entrepreneurs or companies, in the fight against a “major disaster” called COVID-19, which touched everyone.

Bloomzed initiates several movement directions, aiming a certain category of people who want to join and support the project initiative. Let us dwell on two of them – “Business Challenge” and “Limited Charity Token Offering”. Within the framework of the first one, Bloomzed invites companies from different industries that want to become part of the movement, to participate directly through discounts and benefits on products or services. More information about this campaign can be found on the official website of the project . As for “Limited Charity Token Offering”, the founders of Bloomzed realized their intention to create a new mechanism for charity. 

The Main Differences Of The New Charity Mechanism Bloomzed

The BZT token was chosen as a direct instrument of charity activities. The tokens, which have established themselves as an independent payment unit, will now also be used in charity. For the campaign of “Limited Charity Token Offering”, the founders of the project have allocated US$10 million in BZT currency. BZT tokens are already actively traded on cryptocurrency exchanges (PROBIT, COINSBIT, LATOKEN, P2PB2, EXRATES, TAGZ). All funds raised within the framework of LCTO will be directed to fight against COVID19 through specialized international organizations. The new charity mechanism developed by Bloomzed, unlike usual, allows not only to donate money, but also to benefit. And not only to donators, but also to everyone involved in the process. Let us consider the new Bloomzed mechanism where everyone benefits, so called win-win structure.

So, in the classic version, there is a donator and a charitable foundation. In contrast to the usual model, LCTO covers a larger number of participants. Donator buys a BZT token on the partner exchange, receiving an asset that will bring benefits in the future (payment for the service of the partner companies of the project or use within Bloomzed services, exchange at a favorable rate). Further, the affiliate exchange transfers the funds received from the purchase of token directly to Bloomzed, receiving a commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as new loyal customers in the face of donors. Then Bloomzed will transfer the funds received to foundations to combat COVID-19, which will provide targeted assistance. In addition, partner companies of the Movement that accept BZT token as a full or partial payment for goods and services will receive not only potentially loyal customers, but also global PR in a positive context. 

The founders of the project are changing the mechanism of philanthropy, using technology for transparency, control and involvement of more people, including the global crypto – community, which is estimated at 250 – 300 million people. The Bloomzed project  is already creating a new word in philanthropy and inviting companies, business representatives from different industries, charity foundations to join the Movement.  Join now because together we stand!

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