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Taking Back Control of the Web Browsing Experience: Blockchain Startup Decenternet Returns Power to the User

Last Updated April 17, 2023 5:01 AM
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Last Updated April 17, 2023 5:01 AM
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July 26th, 2018: The scale of the internet and its influence has  been something spectacular – it has grew larger than anyone could have imagined. At this present point in time it is the greatest medium of information and media ever designed, which is a testament to humanity’s ability to innovate and improve. However, monopolistic data distribution, data privacy, censorship and other burgeoning issues on the World Wide Web are creating unrest with users across the globe. The internet is now considered a surveillance tool for companies profits on the users’ activities, thoughts and interests.

Since 2009, the historic creation of Bitcoin demonstrated that decentralized technologies have liberating characteristics as well as offering extraordinarily next-generation capabilities. Decenternet is a project that brings future-proof protections to people’s freedoms and privacy.

Decenternet  is a peer-to-peer (P2P), permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform and is bound to no oppressions, bureaucracy or politics. Once the d-net is released, it will spread like wildfire with no influence of intermediaries being able to stop it or collect your data. D-net uses core assets such as the blockchain native Anuvys operating system, liberty search engine and Osiris web browser; a trinity that defies invasive norms. It’s an unsuppressed internet that doesn’t belong or report to any third-party organization except its users.

Anuvys OS in Education  

The Anuvys OS  is a staple ingredient in the Decenternet  platform and ecosystem; through stringent research, we found that it offers significant benefits in the realm of education. Centralized education systems offer a limited scope of the world, a country with especially small and rural populations can have their web content blocked, maintaining a societal status quo, and entirely controlling the limits of a student’s world knowledge.

The Anuvys OS  will allow the freedom of knowledge by removing these blocks in tandem with the liberty search engine and the incentivising Osiris browser . This browser pays users to browse Decenternet, motivating the need to learn.


Businesses will pay for Decenternet  advertising through the Osiris browser, in turn, this is utilized to pay Osiris users; which finally allows earnings to be used to fund school apps or materials via d-Apps and d-Wapps on the Anuvys OS.

d-Apps and d-Wapps

Practicality is key; and Anuvys OS decentralized apps (d-Apps) and decentralized web apps (d-Wapps) are a means for individuals to build businesses and even initial coin offerings (ICOs), apply this to education. Decenternet  foresees decentralized global classrooms and universities popping up in no time, all with the potential to offer incentivised study, paid in either Spyce or Coineru tokens.

In the past, attempts to decentralize the internet fell flat because they were still relying on centralized storage enterprises, handing over physical and economic power to intermediaries. Decenternet physically decentralizes the internet, stored across any computer approved by a Proof-of-reliability (POR) protocol, allowing the end user a faster, transparent and extremely secure web browsing experience. Decenternet  is the beginning of something new, far beyond revolutionary.

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