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Swiss Startup Kasko2go Launches World’s First Blockchain-Based Auto Insurance App, Where Safe Drivers Receive Low-Cost Insurance

Last Updated April 27, 2023 7:21 AM
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Last Updated April 27, 2023 7:21 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Kasko2go is launching the markets first blockchain-based auto insurance application. The swiss-based company use military grade AI tech and telematics to provide safe drivers with a decentralized  app that accepts cryptocurrency payments for their car insurance.

April 4th, 2018, Zug, Switzerland – Swiss-based blockchain startup kasko2go  uses military grade AI technologies, advanced telematics and a  experienced team of professionals to offer new low-cost driving insurance. The company have perfectly tailored their blockchain technology to develop an application that offers driver a simple, safe and affordable insurance solution with unprecedented transparency.

The first blockchain-based auto insurance app kasko2go will start accepting payments in cryptocurrency beginning April 30th, 2018. The Kasko2go application is an innovative insurance solution  on-demand. The mission of the application is to create a safe driver community and promote the idea of safe driving in society. Belonging to ax usage-based Insurance family, kasko2go app provides an individual approach to every customer, better risk management, improved fraud analysis, and overall safety of the driver.

The technology in the kasko2go app  leans on the experience and technologies from Israeli counter-terrorist service. Based on Israeli military grade AI the quintessential tech brings together disciplines such as Link Analysis, Open Source Intelligence, Visual Intelligence, Signal and Image Processing, Photogrammetry, Text Analytics and etc. This is the world’s most accurate technology that can eliminate fraud, enhance the entire driving culture, and make the insurance sphere smarter.

Client Acquisition Costs (CAC) are an enormous expense for the insurance companies. Classical insurance entities pay up to $500 in order to pitch new customers. By using blockchain and token-based mechanics, kasko2go aims to acquire one million new customers in the next three years.


Kasko2go tokens serve as a tool for the encouragement of new clients, retaining the existing ones as well as the effective reduction of CAC by ten times. According to kasko2go financial plan, the CAC budget is comprised of 100 million tokens for encouragement program, EUR 5.7 million intended for traditional marketing expenses within CAC. The budget is targeted at the acquisition of 400 million customers, which would cost EUR 200 million in traditional insurance CAC.

The Kasko2go team  has elaborated mathematical model implying limited quantity of tokens in blockchain turnover. The demand for currency grows due to tokens turnover within encouragement program. Thus, token becomes an attractive asset on the stage of demo version usage of the app. Growing demand for tokens will gradually shorten the engagement program meanwhile the number of users will reach the point of 1 million.

The Kasko2go Token

Kasko2go token (K2G) will be the fuel of the kasko2go ecosystem used by customers and kasko2go third-party business partners worldwide. The price of the K2G token is EUR 0.10 during the presale. After the pre-sale, the K2G price will depend on market conditions. The tokens can be exchanged for USD, EUR, BTC and ETH. K2G, which provides its holder with immediate access to the fast-processing system, is under the jurisdiction of Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

About Kasko2go

Kasko2go is a groundbreaking approach to car insurance, powered by cutting-edge tech: military-grade AI, telematics from 3 million drivers over 5 years and advanced data analysis tools purchased from us by Google itself! The team of world-class experts aims to empower and modernize this business, all in accordance with the highest Swiss standards.

Learn more on the Kasko2go website: https://tokensale.kasko2go.com/ 

Join the Official Kasko2go Telegram: https://t.me/Kasko2go 
Read the Kasko2go Whitepaper: https://tokensale.kasko2go.com/whitepaper.pdf 
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Location: Steinhauserstrasse, Switzerland

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