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Statx Announces Mobile Application in Competition with Telegram and Courts Top Coin Companies

Last Updated May 4, 2023 10:35 AM
Last Updated May 4, 2023 10:35 AM

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Sharing information, messaging and security features were some of the iconic features that were introduced by Telegram, the UK-based service. But, with the passage of time, the online groups from major apps have become a top source of scams, malicious bots and users that are a constant headache for all crypto traders.

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Now a new Blockchain messaging and information sharing platform StatX is out to test the waters  and has announced partnerships with other blockchain projects like Decred, ZCoin and others who have announced their intent to use the StatX system for sharing information and messaging.

StatX-A New Focus on Information

The new platform, based in California, has many pure chat applications but rather than being designed for being conversation-centric like other messaging networks like Telegram and Whatsapp, the StatX platform is information-centric.  A well-designed dashboard allows users to view, analyze and communicate essential information regarding the company and its different statistics.


The data included in the dashboard includes financial data and metrics including market price, token distribution, social reach and product roadmap milestones themselves. The app also provides features for crypto-centric options like airdrop campaigns and bounty programs offered by coin projects around the world.

Removing Spam and Increasing Quality of Communications

A full-featured chat option is only a tap away in the new system and the overall quality is quite high because only value added topics and questions are raised. With the new features, users no longer need to search or scroll for admins posts when they are presented with a need for newer bits of information.

According to Raj Prasad, the StatX founder and CEO:

“Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive a higher quality and higher value user experience. It’s gratifying to see that our approach has been validated in the marketplace by a growing number of crypto industry innovators such as Boosto, Decred, Foleum, MediBloc, ZCoin and many others.”

Another major upside to the new StatX information sharing system is that it supports several measures that aid in minimizing spam and scams in the communications of a user. Unlike Telegram, there is no open API for followers of a group and Admins also benefit from an increased streamlining of the process for sharing and dissipating information directly from the dashboard itself. There is also the added option of quick replies that are used for responding to questions that are regularly occurring, thus resulting in much less spam overall.

Here is what other CEOs had to say about StatX:

Noah Pierau, Community Builder at Decred:

“While there are many pure chat applications, StatX has the unique ability to combine technical indicators such as exchange rate and PoS info conveniently with chat functionality, all in one beautiful mobile app. StatX improves the signal to noise ratio in the blockchain community.

Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin  said:

“Zcoin is happy to partner with StatX to deliver Zcoin price and blockchain metrics to our community via StatX. We want this to be a high quality information and conversation channel with all parties interested in Zcoin.”

The pricing, membership and other useful information can be seen directly at the Statx official website.

Learn more about StatX – https://www.statx.io/