Scott Morgan: Be A Voice In Enforcing Satoshi’s Code

We have reached out to the candidates for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation Elections and asked each candidate a set of questions. In the interest of fairness, all candidates were asked the same questions at the same time, and all responses (that did respond) have been received before the publication of this article.

Scott Morgan

He enjoys all things crypto and was bitten hard by the bug in 2012. He is excited to be in a space which can be used to help all individuals succeed in defining and achieving their own definition of success. He is also Co-Founder and CFO of Airbitz.

Tell us a little about your involvement in the Cryptocurrency (or related) sector?  

 I am currently the CFO, Business Development guy with Airbitz Wallet.

What is your primary reason for running for a Director seat?  

To ensure diversity thrives in the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?  

Be a voice in enforcing Satoshi’s code.  Directing the Foundations time and resources to include and encourage alternative implementations of the Bitcoin protocol.

Once achieved what would be your secondary aim(s) as a Director?

Running in parallel to the main goal listed above, the following:  balance industry influence with individual influence within the Foundation, spreading the protocol while defending it against forces attempting to change its mandate of privacy, anonymity, and decentralization, both within and outside of the Board.

What are your thoughts on the free market?

Unfortunately, most people today would have to look up what that means; however, our team at Airbitz with Amir Taaki developed Dark Market, which is being successful forked by OpenBazaar (please contribute to this important project…thanks).  Dark Market is what a true Free Market looks like, perhaps we should change the name to something not so scary to appease the “elected” children who currently represent us in the “free” world.

Should there be interaction from the Foundation with regulatory bodies?  

Of course, first, it should be educational, then we must TELL not ask how Satoshi’s Protocol will be implemented, if TPTB are still confused, we can send them the White Paper.

What is your reasoning for the above answer? 

Because I do not like slavery.

What do you think about alternative coins?

Love ‘em!  At the least, we will have some great expressions we can always quote, “To Da MOON”.  Not all coins are created equal, but I love the creativity that has been injected into the Ecosystem by alt coins and tokens.

What do think about the international efforts of the Foundation?

The Foundation has been, in my estimation, doing a good job internationally.  Bitcoin is like a rock band that released a hit record in every language around the world, simultaneously.  The Foundation must keep up by maintaining its international reach while at the same time partnering and encouraging local representation.

What is your contact information for interested parties?

Bitcoin Foundation: https://bitcoinfound…e-scott-morgan/
The Distributed Opinion:

We at would like to thank Scott for taking the time out to reply to us and to wish him luck for the upcoming elections!

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Continue to follow us for more updates and interviews as we move closer to the election date.


Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Joel Dalais

Joel loves Bitcoin and Digital Currency. He holds a BSc (hons) in Criminology with Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology, contributes for Bitcoin Magazine, is an Ambassador for Coloured Coins, Software tester and Advises for GreenCoinX and MultiSigX, and is Director of IBWT ("In Bitcoin We Trust"), a Digital Currency Exchange.