Russell Brand Defends Bitcoin Entrepreneur Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road

June 3, 2015 3:24 PM UTC
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Actor, comedian and activist Russell Brand has come out in support of Ross Ulbricht after he was sentenced to life in prison for starting the Silk Road. In a Facebook status featuring the video, Brand writes, “In a way Ross Ulbricht is the American Dream.”

Brand launched his political-comedy web series, The Trews, in 2014,  released a book, Revolution, and began working on a documentary about financial inequality shortly thereafter. He came out in favor of crypto currencies in recent years.

“He saw a new market and he went for it,” Brand says of Ulbricht. “Is that any different than the genesis of Coca Cola or General Motors or Philip Morris? GM kills their customers, Philip Morris kill their customers, Coca Cola kills their customers and workers. This guy is just an entrepreneur.” Here is the episode of The Trews:

And here is a screenshot of Brand’s Facebook post:

“Yeah, I think people were taking drugs before Ross Ulbricht, and yeah, I think people are still taking drugs after Ross Ulbricht, so in conclusion,  Ross Ulbricht basically has nothing to do with anything,” Brand said.

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