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Rent24 Launches PRIMARY, A Decentralized Knowledge Sharing Platform

Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:56 PM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:56 PM

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Access to knowledge is a struggle as old as man himself. Highly sought after, knowledge in modern times has become so valuable that it is seen as a source of competitive advantage. This concept of shielding and hiding information from others has impeded innovation and development in each aspect of life.

Rent24  believes in sharing and open access to knowledge. It already runs a network of 35 locations where participants can work and live together, pooling their knowledge towards a common goal.

Primary: Sharing of Knowledge Through Blockchain

A project of Rent24, Primary  is a decentralized network where users will be able to share and collaborate on different projects. Offering the first real-world use case for blockchain technology, the platform will connect 35 different operating communities within the Rent24 system to create a marketplace for services, participating, and knowledge sharing. Already running shared economy concept, Rent24 specializes in connecting people with different talents together, boosting intellect and combining brain power for a better world.

The Primary  project will be powered by A.I. and will connect people according to their skills, tasks, and activities. Being decentralized and using the EOS network, the Primary platform will offer an increased speed, efficiency, and lower costs compared to other forms of knowledge sharing.


CEO and founder, Robert Buvik of Rent24 explained the Primary ’s concept and advantage, “All users have equal opportunities to use the platform – not only locally, but also globally. The level of reward that users send each other will be determined by the community itself. They determine what value to allocate to a service. Our Bricks & Clicks approach is creating a global community in its purest form by merging our physical locations with a decentralized digital platform.”

Primary & Gravity Tokens

The platform uses a two token system to drive its economy.  PRIMARY is the regular ERC20 compatible token that will be used as a medium of exchange and value outside the network. The main objective is a value increase of the token, resulting in a value increase of the overall platform.

Understanding that there also must be a stable value of exchange for smooth services within the ecosystem, there exists a GRAVITY token, that is pegged to the US dollar. Users will be able to give and receive services in GRAVITY, meaning that users will not worried if the token they earned would fluctuate wildly like other tokens do. Thus, a stable economy is created.

PRIMARY Token Generation Event

The Primary  token will be offered to investors in three different stages. The initial TGE will start on 1st of August and run for the whole month. Immediately after that, the main event will start and last until the end of February 2019. The third phase will be listing on different exchanges by the 15th of March, 2019.

During the token distribution events, the PRIMARY token will be available for 1 PRY = 1 USD. There is no limit on the tokens available and will keep on generating during the event, as long as there is a demand by investors.

For more information on the skill and knowledge sharing platform, visit their website: https://www.rent24.io/