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Monday, 7 Jan 2019

A Costa Rica based IOT company Wise has developed “Wise Secure Memory Chip” a cutting-edge development of Analog-mixed-signal, System-on-a-chip (AMS-SoC) which is directly leading to raising in Encryption, Content Addressing, Energy efficiency, Blockchain Integration, and pushing the opening of the Data Silos. An embedded circuit that empowers IOT and mobile networks via a thirteen nanometer IC introducing a brand new approachable idea, a radio-based IOT mesh networking system built on the Blockchain.

The chips connect through Wi-Fi and mobile services with other IC’s of the network and also communicates through its own radio waves such that it works even at locations where there are no cellular networks which makes them capable of collecting, generating and sharing of data without the requirement of any external devices or network. Each microchip is powered by an AI protocol which enables them to work in the times required, a machine learning capable chip to evolve on performance-based requirements in the real world. The network has launched its native WSE token which is itself capable of providing you a facility to self-collect the data you want, or buy that particular data and sell it. Hereby, are some features and use cases of the project in the current and future scenario:

  • Making a possibility of transferring voice, data, images and even videos on radio waves a reality. An energy efficient quantum consensus & AI based engine focusing on high transactions per second.
  • Moving traffic vehicles can collect traffic data which can be used for tracking vehicles and navigation maps. The idea of data gathering is to find insights in the data or inputs, and sort valuable information out of it to make the whole data mining process worthwhile.
  • Triple layered security addressing Sequence Obfuscation, 1024 Encryption keys, and honey encryption with a cache memory storage of up to 40Tbs.
  • A great application of the sensory chips would be in weather forecasting and space-based mission to notice and study the aerospace and outer space ecosystem. As traditional IOT systems lack to communicate that deeply because of security issues like data privacy between third parties.
  • Continuous collection of data that we ask for and it’s security makes a mix-up of emerging technologies like IOT, Big Data, and Blockchain, opening application developments in supply chain and data markets.
  • A well-planned business model backed by Gropher protocol planning a network of devices and sensors of over 9400 microchips to deploy across multiple stores in the US.

Projects like these are very demanding and are getting rare especially in the current crypto market. By far the business model and current partnerships are up to the mark. The project has everything to increase its overall demand in the Big Data and IOT market with the time. To check more details, you can access WISE Token official website of the project. The whitepaper link of the project can be found here.

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