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Quick! Look Up! fund0x GUP Airdrop Starting Soon!

Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:49 PM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:49 PM
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Don’t miss out, people – we’re giving out free Guppies.

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As we gear up to launch our new crypto crowdfunding platform, fund0x , we’ve decided to give new users the opportunity to get even more involved in the Matchpool GUP (Guppy) ecosystem. Early subscribers to fund0x will receive an airdrop of Guppies – yes, that’s right – real Guppies!

The first 25K subscribers to fund0x will receive 15 GUP of credit within the crowdfunding platform via airdrop. We encourage users to use their newly acquired Guppies to fund projects on fund0x. The funds will of course also be available later on for withdrawal to private wallets.

The airdrop will go live by the end of this week, followed by a 14-day period during which early adopters can subscribe to the fund0x platform. Once the 14 days are up, the first 25K fund0x subscribers will receive their Guppies and fund0x will be live!


It gets better though – we’re hosting a lottery as well! Here are the details:

  1. 1 winner will receive 10,000 Guppies
  2. 20 winners will receive 500 Guppies
  3. 100 winners will receive 150 Guppies

Subscribers can also earn lottery tickets. What do we mean?

All subscribers receive 1 lottery ticket automatically, but the first 500 subscribers will receive not one, but three tickets. And the first 5,000 subscribers will receive 2 lottery tickets. Increase your odds by signing up as soon as the airdrop launches.

It doesn’t end there – we appreciate our community’s loyalty and so we’re adding another reward to those who refer members of their own networks.

By spreading the word about fund0x to their networks, early subscribers will receive even more lottery tickets, and 1 more GUP per referral (up to 5). We will award 1 lottery ticket for each referral.

To top it all off, users will receive 1 ticket for being a loyal member of the fund0x Telegram  group before this announcement was made.

By participating in the fund0x airdrop, users are automatically registered on fund0x and can back projects on the crypto crowdfunding platform with their newly acquired Guppies.

We’re ready. Are you?

Subscribe to fund0x!