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Qilimanjaro Brings Revolutionary Quantum Cloud Computing to the Masses

Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:44 PM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:44 PM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Quantum computing and blockchain startup Qilimanjaro aim to open up the power of quantum computation to the world via the cloud.

May 13th, 2018 – Quantum computing is no longer a term that sparks the imaginations of science fiction fans, in fact, it is no longer a far-off a dream. A number of the most prominent tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google are all invested in the race to build a fully-fledged quantum computer with the goal of achieving “quantum supremacy”.

It is a milestone in computing technology and a term that refers to the moment when a quantum device performs a certain computation that can’t be reproduced on a traditional computer. This is expected to be achieved by late-2018.

Quantum Cloud Computing with Qilimanjaro

The technological breakthrough represents one of the most significant and prosperous advances in the modern age; while big and small companies are laying down the foundations of commercial quantum computing, they remain centralized and out of the hands of potential users.

Accessibility to the technology is a must should the world wish to reap the benefits as soon as they can, barriers such as expensive hardware, education or a lucky chance to work with a quantum computer are keeping the technology just out of reach. Qilimanjaro is offering up two services as part of its project, the Qilimanjaro Computing Services (QCS) and the Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS). The services target different goals and are a means of bringing the technology to any and every company or individual with a regular computer.



  • The QCS service focuses on building up to four quantum computers that have their own specific goals, making available a quantum service that is accessible via the cloud, allowing for any one person or organisation to explore the vast possibilities of the astounding technology, affordably. The QCS platform will have a user-friendly interface with the ability to let external users create custom programs through the online editor. The editor features a number of tools designed to compile quantum algorithms on the online computing platform.
  • QSS will provide assistance to individuals and companies who wish to adapt their problems or business practices to quantum algorithms that can be run on quantum machines; QSS is going to build an operating system that runs on the Qilimanjaro Quantum computer, providing a full-stack service to customers.

QBIT Tokens

The Qilimanjaro platform is host to its native ERC20 compliant token, QBITs (pronounced Kúbits). The token acts as a utility that allows users to receive assistance in translating real-world problems to a particular quantum algorithm, run algorithms on a quantum annealing machine and provide incentives for quantum algorithm developers who wish to add their algorithms to the platform.

The tokens allow companies and individuals to explore quantum computations, solve complex real-life problems and advance the experimentation and advancement of the technology at the levels of quantum software and hardware. Qilimanjaro will be at the forefront of this race as the blockchain and quantum computing push their way ever closer to “quantum supremacy”.

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