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Programmatic VR/AR Ad Platform Advir.co and Blockchain VR/AR Eye-Tracking Monetization Platform Gaze Coin Announce Partnership

Last Updated May 19, 2023 9:46 AM
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Last Updated May 19, 2023 9:46 AM
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Oct. 31, 2017– Gaze Coin, a patent-registered blockchain token and platform for VR/AR based on gaze input/eye tracking and Advir.co, the only programmatic ad platform indexing VR/AR asset inventory and connecting with major ad networks, today announced a strategic partnership. The partnership is aimed at providing immersive content creators and advertisers comprehensive tools to monetize VR/AR assets and gain a truer understanding of user engagement.

Gaze Coin is a breakthrough monetization, adtech and DRM/copyright tracking solution for VR/AR, measuring and employing user gaze as a unit of exchange and digital record among advertisers, content owners/creators and users. Gaze Coin calculates the exact amount of time users spend looking at, interacting with, or being immersed inside VR/AR content using patent-registered technology combining gaze input/eye tracking with blockchain. It then creates a micro-transaction that charges the advertiser for that time, pays the content owner/creator and rewards the user for consuming the content. The transactions are handled seamlessly and securely in real-time using decentralized, immutable blockchain technology. With Gaze Coin integration, the Advir.co network gains a solution that improves systemic integrity by filtering out fake impressions, bringing value to advertisers and publishers.

“In the advertising sphere, ad fraud is currently a very hot topic – it is a $7B / year problem that affects over 80% of the ad spend worldwide,” said Advir founder and CEO Samuel Huber. “This is an issue that groups like the Advertising Committee of the VR/AR Association, co-led by Advir, fights hard to avoid in immersive technologies. With Advir, developers always have complete control over placements, keeping them non-intrusive. We see our integration with Gaze Coin as improving our system’s integrity by verifying the legitimacy of virtual assets and filtering out fake impressions. This is a key first step to reducing fraud, bringing more value to users, advertisers and publishers.”

As the only programmatic platform for VR, Advir.co connects to large ad networks such as Yahoo and AOL. The company said it plans to improve its targeting offerings with data captured from the Gaze Coin integration, first with advertising, then expanding to virtual commerce in the future. The partnership looks to become a unique ledger of virtual transactions, protecting stakeholder anonymity while reporting data and trends back to advertisers to provide more relevant targeting and product development.

“It’s about making branded content less intrusive and more authentic to preserve immersion first and foremost”  Gaze Coin founder and CEO Jonny Peters said. “Our partnership will ensure Advir.co  can keep track of what objects are seen, by whom, and for how long in the most native, non-disruptive way possible. We are delighted to partner up.”


The Gaze Coin token pre-sale is currently being sold as a security through SaftLaunch until November 28, 2017. Details may be found at https://www.saftlaunch.com/project/gazecoin .

About Gaze Coin

Gaze Coin is a company and platform specifically designed to solve the monetization challenges of virtual worlds, bridging the gap between the promise of VR/AR and the ability for brands and content owners to capitalize on it. The Gaze Coin platform (token: GZE) is a patent-registered blockchain solution that securely stores ownership and transaction data about assets in virtual worlds and manages micropayments associated with content consumption. Gaze Coin also produces interactive virtual reality experiences and environments that employ its platform. Gaze Coin was founded in 2017 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gazecoin.io/ 

Facebook: @gazecoin     Twitter: @gazecoin     Instagram: @gaze_coin     Reddit: r/GazeCoin

About Advir

Advir.co  is a monetization platform for VR/AR, enabling non-intrusive product placements within VR and AR content. Advir differentiates itself by being fully programmatic, connected to the largest ad networks and trading desks, as well as giving their developers access to an ecosystem of tools to improve their monetization. Created in 2017, the platform is now in beta and registered over 100 VR developers. The company is currently based in London and expanding to NYC and San Francisco in Q1 2018.