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ProBit Launches Its Korean Won Fiat Exchange

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Last Updated April 14, 2023 9:38 AM
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On January 29, 2019, ProBit Korea platform  will be opened for Korean Won deposits. ProBit Korea is a Korean Won Fiat Exchange in which users may buy cryptocurrency directly using Korean Won (KRW). The launch of ProBit Korea will complement ProBit Exchange  – a global coin-to-coin exchange. Users already registered at ProBit are able to conveniently move their assets between ProBit and ProBit Korea.

Probit Token (PROB)  is ProBit Exchange utility token. Purchasing and holding PROB benefits include multiple rounds of airdrops, trading fee discounts, referral bonuses, voting rights and preferential access to new features.

PROB Token Holders have been Earning Passive Income

PROB token holders have been receiving airdrops for since PROB tokens has been introduced. Whenever a project lists on ProBit Exchange, the project would conduct airdrops to holders of PROB tokens.

What’s more, 12 rounds of airdrops has been announced by ProBit Exchange in the next 6 weeks! Click here  to see the announced airdrop schedule.


Why Hold PROB Tokens?

30% of all trading fees incurred in both Pre-trade Mining rounds will be used as funds to buyback circulating PROB tokens in 2019.

Furthermore, 5 million PROB tokens have been burned in not being issued. The initial 200 million tokens have been reduced to 195 million PROB issuance.

PROB tokens have never been used for marketing or bounty rewards. All PROB holders are willing investors who see the value of the token and purchased into it. Hence, selling pressure is predictably lower than projects who have distributed their tokens recklessly.

Pre-trade mining is the last chance to purchase PROB at a fixed price and should not be missed!

Earn from 2 Grand Events to Commemorate Korean Won Listing

  1. PROB Pre-trade Mining 

Pre-trade mining is a uniquely Oriental activity, unheard of to many users across the Pacific Ocean. The appeal is that it is the last chance for users bullish towards PROB tokens to mine for the tokens before it is openly tradable on the exchange.

The price of PROB will be fixed at KRW 200 each (~$0.21 per PROB). This is in contrast to the one day main sale price of $0.2 per PROB and pre-sale price of $0.2 with 10% added bonus.

How to Participate

  1. Head over to www.probit.com 
  2. Create an account and deposit BTC/ ETH
  3. Start trading in either BTC/USDT or ETH/USDT to incur transaction fees
    Taker: 0.1%, Maker: 0.05%
  4. 100% of the incurred transaction fees will convert to PROB tokens which will be distributed the next day

Timelines for Pre-Trade Mining
Round 1: 30 Jan 2019 (16:00 KST to 04:00 KST [next day])
Round 2: 31 Jan 2019 (19:00 KST to 23:00 KST)

Trade Mining Championship worth 2 BTC
2 BTC has been made available to the Top 3 biggest pre-trade miners. 1st Place will earn 1 BTC, 2nd & 3rd Place will earn 0.5 BTC each.

  1. Lottery Event based on KRW Deposits 

This event is only available to Korean users who have completed KYC for ProBit Korea. The event duration is 29 Jan to 28 Feb, 2019. Users who deposit KRW to trade against BTC and/or PROB will get the lottery tickets to win prizes in USDT daily. Lottery tickets are based on the “deposited then traded” value. 1 lottery ticket for US$1 equivalent.

The draw runs every weekday. Winners will be announced 15:00 KST.

About ProBit Exchange

It is a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange that collects no listing fees. ProBit Exchange only lists qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second and has a customizable user interface.

With the launch of ProBit Korea (KRW Exchange), ProBit is now one step closer to realizing its vision of the ProBit Ecosystem, an integrated system with various services including coin-to-coin exchange, local fiat deposits, more than 150 trading pairs and an IEO platform with a sturdy track record.