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Challenge Binance? Discover the Mystery of MXC Exchange

Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:28 PM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:28 PM

In the field of digital currency, things are changing fast in a few years. Huge amount of money is pouring in like a surging tide, showing all kinds of miracles all the time. Speculators interweave with capital and technology. Over time, they merge and blend. One magical hero after another is shaped and praised as a shrine. Then, new faces coming in, catch up in stunning speed and surpass the old players.

And all this happened in the interval between the thunder and the ear, and even let people react too late. After all, in this real and illusory world, there is no eternal king but an eternal winner.

This time, an exchange called MXC (www.mxc.com , which players call “Matcha” in the community) is challenging the leading exchange in the community, Binance Exchange.

It is undeniable that Binance has ushered a new era of exchange driven by ICO, enabling people to fully enjoy an “affirmative movement”. However, with the passage of time, the former dragon slaughter warriors are now incarnated as dragons. Trying to control the right to speak with the user advantage accumulated during the dividend period.

For example, in recent FET crowd sourcing projects, Binance hopes to achieve monopoly by relying on its “exclusive advantage”. FET token purchase can only be purchased by BNB, which is good for Binance of course, but not for the people. Monopoly means a high degree of concentration, means that participants must listen to centralized arrangements, means that they must “listen”.


So, at this point, MXC stood out, standing on the opposite side of Binance, and also put the FET project crowd sourcing on the agenda. The “Matcha” Exchange can apply for FET with platform currency, MX. This is the competition for BNB, which is commonly known as “fighting front by front”.

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Regardless of the direction the project is expected to develop, just a “competition” deserves the enthusiastic attention of all players. After all, in a highly active market, competition is the best thing, competition will provide people broader choices, and only what belongs to the people, will be truly exploited value.

The digital currency circle has never been a single word, but a retrograde place. The rising stars should strive for the upper reaches. Competition will naturally give people more opportunities. What is the virtue and strength of MXC Exchange and what underpins it to dare to challenge currency and user-rich Binance Exchange?

The technical team and capital behind it are mysterious.

As far as the FET project is concerned, people generally speculate that Binance should have signed an exclusive agreement with the FET, so they can monopolize the market and allow the issuance of FET tokens only in one exchange of Binance. However, in fact, MXC Exchange accurately intervened in FET projects and faced the public to do FET crowdsourcing earlier than Binance, and got the private placement of FET projects. MXC Exchange has a far-reaching antenna in the blockchain area. It seems that there is some senior capital behind the MXC Exchange. People should ponder over the MXC Exchange.

Blockchain area has been developing continuously, digital currency exchange is at the top of the ecological chain. From the analysis of the current blockchain industry, the majority of token-based exchanges still rely on exchanges, which gives the exchanges a huge profit margin. Therefore, many platforms issue the platform currency, which brings some opportunities for people to become rich.

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MX is developing more usage scenarios besides its current dividend-sharing and crowdsourcing functions.

Based on current comprehensive analysis of MX token, it is not eye-catching in the digital currency circle.

MX’s current unit price is only 0.082 yuan, and its total valuation is less than 25 million yuan. Moreover, the recent turnover rate of MX is extremely high, and it has doubled in the last course of the rise of digital currency. Low market value, low unit price, but can play the role of crowdsourcing as BNB, seize the high attention of FET projects, which makes many people gasp, and some people claim that the value of MX is seriously underestimated.

The digital currency circle is never afraid of excitement. If MX can challenge BNB more, like this successful seizure of the “hot” FET project, then the value of MX is really worth looking forward to.

Find MXC at: MXC.com 

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