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Perks of the Donocle Lottery Platform

Last Updated May 4, 2023 5:35 AM
Last Updated May 4, 2023 5:35 AM

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Taking part in lotteries has always been a prevalent source of earning the extra moolah. Owing to the technological advancements, the lottery system has witnessed a significant transformation. The advent of online lottery platforms have enabled investors to participate in various raffle activities from anywhere around the world, and earn substantial profits while doing so.

DONOCLE – A Unique Approach to the Traditional Lottery System

While online platforms continue to prevail in the lottery domain, critical challenges such as low credibility, high lottery commission charges, slow processing, make the entire raffle system ineffective. DONOCLE is a unique platform that has leveraged blockchain technology to provide an extensive system that allows users from all around the world to take part in various raffle activities and earn stable returns.

A Lottery System that Works Beyond Geographical Boundaries

DONOCLE  is a project that is taking the lottery system to an international scale. It basically allows common masses from all across the globe to participate in various lotteries using over 50 types of coins and tokens. The creators have adopted an Open Data Flow (ODF) that enables users to monitor and verify the movement and flow of money. Additionally, the decentralized management system ensures utmost trust and transparency in the entire process. With the adoption of Open Data Flow (ODF) user have the ability to monitor the transfer and flow of goods.

One of the special feature introduced is the use of STO which stands for Security Token Offering. STO is another name term for initial coin offering (ICO). Taking the fundraising model of ICO to another level. The new term also provides more clarity to the official to have proper regulations. ICO operations have been hindered by regulators and to evade the insecurities the use of Security Token Offering is an enhanced step. The STO drives value from an external tradable asset. Its value decreases or increases based on the performance value of the asset as they come under federal regulations making things easier and secure without any federal objection.


The Raffling Process

The interactive and easy-to-understand interface allows users to seamlessly take part in the different lottery activities. The process starts with users purchasing lottery tickets by using any of the 50 types of tokens that are currently available on the network. Once the purchase is done, users are provided with a six-digit number from the BTC nonce, which acts as a raffle number. Lastly, the total coins paid out to the winner of the lottery is distributed based on the ratio of the winners.

The sale number, quantity of coins used in the purchase, and prices are disclosed to the buyers of the raffle tickets. Moreover, once the purchase is initiated, the total list is updated immediately to ensure accuracy in the transactions.

Donocle Coin Sale and Allocation

DONOCLE  will be offering 600 Million tokens in the upcoming ICO. The company plans to allocate the funds generated in the following way:-

  • 33.3% will be contributed towards capital reserves
  • 30% will be used for marketing purposes
  • 10% will be tendered towards business development
  • 10% will be added for global network development
  • 10% will be reserved for system development
  • 6.6% will be used to facilitate operations

Furthermore, the funding structure comprises of the following:-

  • 50% – Pre-sale
  • 16.6% – ICO
  • 16.6% – Investors
  • 3.3% – Advisors
  • 1.6% – Team
  • 1.6% – Marketing
  • 1.6 – Bounty
  • 8.3% – Reserve

POS System for a Reliable and Secure Process

DONOCLE has integrated Proof of Stake (POS) functionality for a secure profit allocation system. It entails that an individual can validate a block transaction according to the number of coins that he or she holds. Therefore, with the increase in coin possession, users can avail more opportunities to generate wins/profits.

Furthermore, Donocle offers the Airdrop feature that ensures its users receive steady profits. The users can deposit their tokens in Donocle’s Proof-of-Stake system and in return, get regular Airdrop incentives. Airdrop collects only the coins/token that were used to purchase raffle tickets. So the funds are accumulated in the form of crypto coins/tokens, MIB coins, Donocle tokens at the end of a session. The platform allocates 10% of the overall fund for Airdrop, which is then distributed amongst the users based on the POS share.

Bringing Stability in the Precarious Lottery Ecosystem

With a unique platform like DONOCLE, the creators envision to offer a stable and secure lottery network that is not restricted by physical boundaries and hindrances of the conventional lottery system. It offers an interactive arena for global users to try their luck and earn steady profits via a safe and secure lottery system.

The ICO period for Donocole Network starts from October 8th ~ January 31st.

The PreSale event includes the following benefits :

08 Oct – 31 Oct | Bonus = 100%

1 Nov – 14 Nov | Bonus = 50%

15 Nov – 28 Nov | Bonus = 20%

Donocle Website : https://donocle.io/ 

Donocle Telegram : https://t.me/donocle1 

Donocle Twitter : https://twitter.com/Donocle1 

Donocle Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/donocle/