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Peer Mountain Announces Partnership with TokenMarket for Token Generation Event

Last Updated May 4, 2023 6:33 AM
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Last Updated May 4, 2023 6:33 AM
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Virgin Islands, BVI – May 28, 2018 – Peer Mountain  – the leading cross blockchain protocol for self sovereign identity, has proudly announced its partnership with token sale experts, TokenMarket , for the upcoming Peer Mountain token sale . This partnership will ensure Peer Mountain’s commitment to running a high-quality token generation event.

TokenMarket will provide Peer Mountain with its end-to-end advisory service that encompasses; token creation/issuance, marketing, PR, community management, and advisory services in order to execute a secure and compliant token generation event.

The partnership will set the foundation for Peer Mountain to supply real-world trust and privacy for digital transactions. This is achieved by utilising PMTN tokens within the Peer Mountain platform to measure the value of trust within the world’s first peer-to-peer self-sovereign ID, compliance, and commerce ecosystem.

Peer Mountains entrance to the market provides the potential to transform the $105-billion global cyber security market via clear validation within its platform.

“We are excited to start working with TokenMarket, one of the most highly respected and well-established token sale firms, for the PMTN generation event,” said Peer Mountain CEO and Founder, Jed Grant.  “Peer Mountain is delighted to have the full support and backing of the TokenMarket team in order to achieve our goal” Grant stated.


With over 30 successful token sales executed over the past year, TokenMarket will utilise its experience in the market to support Peer Mountain during the course of its token generation event.

“TokenMarket is pleased to announce our partnership with Peer Mountain on this exciting project” said TokenMarket CEO Ransu Salovaara . “We at TokenMarket have the means and know how to help execute Peer Mountain’s vision of developing blockchain commerce. We are really looking forward to working with Jed and the Peer Mountain team.”

Both parties have indicated that some adjustments to the structure of the PMTN sale may be made to ensure the best outcome for the project and the Peer Mountain community. Final details and dates are to be released via the Peer Mountain community channels and website in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit www.peermountain.com .


Peer Mountain  is a cross-blockchain protocol that connects self-sovereign ID holders with businesses enabling commerce at scale. We are the only decentralized identity network that provides businesses with instant cost-effective regulatory compliance, puts people in control of their protected personal information, and pays ID verifiers for their trustworthiness. Peer Mountain is working with a major Swiss financial institution to develop its platform, which it will roll out to 12 million Swiss and German end users by the end of 2019.  For more information, please join the discussion in the Peer Mountain Telegram group .


TokenMarket  is a premier ICO information portal and advisory firm. It combines its market experience, resources and data assets to create a professionally tailored solution to execute ICOs safely and securely. providing an end-to-end service for token creation, presale and public sale. TokenMarket’s ICO advisory service has partnered over 30 token sales including Storj, Populous, Monaco, Civic and Dent, raising over $300 million in total. Following the success of its ICO advisory service, TokenMarket is hosting its own 2-day conference “TokenMarket 2018: Insights Into The Token Economy”, which takes place on 28-29 June in Gibraltar.

For more information on TokenMarket 2018 visit https://tokenmarket.net/conference-2018/home.