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Participate in Cremit’s ICO PreSale – First Insurance Service Provider for Cryptocurrencies!

Last Updated May 15, 2023 10:36 AM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 10:36 AM
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Cremit, an innovative Blockchain project providing insurance and banking services for the first time against cryptocurrency assets, has created ripples in the crypto space for being unique in their approach. Cremit’s ICO pre-sale is ongoing and you can still grab yourself a chance to participate and get CRMT tokens. While the project’s Main ICO is scheduled to launch between July-September 2018, it isn’t surprising that many Tech Pundits who actively participate in events around cryptocurrencies and ICOs, in particular, have already been keeping a close look at the project’s progress.

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Cremit, is an interesting innovation as it provides for a typical insurance and banking services for cryptocurrencies and also offers interest on Deposits and fixed deposits, all the while leveraging the Blockchain technology to provide its users with enhanced security and transparency. As Cryptocurrencies, today are more popular than ever, what makes Cremit unique is that it addresses one of the biggest and most common risks facing the investors and potential investors in the crypto world and that is “ fluctuating prices due to market volatility.”

“This is a game changer for the crypto world as the biggest fear for anyone who owns altcoins is market volatility in cryptocurrency. We offer insurance for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins against such volatilities. You can claim up to 100% insurance for your coins insured in Cremit” said, Cremit CEO, Amit Singh.

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Cremit’s platform also offers some promising features including a multi-crypto Cremit exchange and multi crypto wallet where the users will be able to make seamless transactions free of charge.  The exchange in itself will be one of the most advanced crypto exchanges with an ability to process 200,000 orders/transactions per second which means negligible wait time facilitating seamless transfers for Cremit Users.  As cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the hottest investment avenues for a vast pool of investors from all across the globe, Cremit is aiming to capitalize on its striking features and emerge as a leading risk management and exchange platform for Cryptocurrency investors and users.

Apart from a strong team of talented and experienced experts spearheading the Cremit Project, they have recently been joined by some very established names like Phillip Nunn  and renowned Blockchain Geeks, Vladimir Nikitin  & Nikolay Shikilev , in their advisor board. While Philip founded the Blackmore Group in 2013, he is a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space and has travelled the world evangelising and talking on these subjects.

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Sticking to their well defined and articulated roadmap Cremit launched their ICO presale on schedule and while the lot 2 of the ICO pre sale is now open to public one can participate in the ICO presale on Cremit’s Website . The CRMT tokens will also be available for sale during their main ICO crowdsale will be launched soon in between July-September 2018. As blockchain is evolving and with billions of dollars in investment the very idea of getting cryptocurrencies insured is indeed endearing.