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Oddup: The Billion-Dollar Startup That Gamified Its Business For The Blockchain And Launched Alluva

Last Updated April 14, 2023 7:09 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 14, 2023 7:09 AM

Key Takeaways:

  • Oddup, a global leader in startup investment and insights, introduced a gamified version of its business for crypto investment, built on the blockchain
  • Alluva gives new and existing crypto investors a platform to share their analysis and predictions for free and earn rewards in exchange
  • The DApp is scheduled for release in mid-2019, and will be the first step in an evolving product that will soon be integral to institutional investors
  • Alluva will be listed on leading exchanges in the coming months

March 2019, Hong Kong: Alluva is a blockchain-based product that incentivizes users for providing accurate cryptocurrency price predictions. It has been introduced by Oddup, the leading startup investment insights platform and provider, which remains on the cusp of changing investment trends.

The development of Alluva has been driven by James Giancotti (Oddup Co-founder and CEO) who built Alluva with the vision to enable the rewarding of the crypto community that drives the adoption of the tech. As a fintech expert, crypto advocate, and investor, James has fulfilled roles at Goldman Sachs, Capgemini, JP Morgan and Deloitte Consulting, before setting up and driving the growth of Oddup as a billion-dollar startup. Having led a massive transformation in startup investment through Oddup, he has now launched Alluva with the view to similarly alter the world of crypto investment.

About The Alluva Product

Through a gamified approach and free-to-use DApp, Alluva gives customers the ideal platform to predict crypto prices for periods ranging from one day to one year. Customers need to download the DApp or Login through the Website, create their accounts, and begin predicting cryptocurrency prices at zero cost. Accurate predictions (within an allowed margin of error) are rewarded.

The Alluva DApp will be available for download and on the Alluva website in mid-2019. The product is ideal for existing cryptocurrency investors who want to hone their analysis skills for improved profitability and trading practices, as well as new investors who want to gain a grasp on the crypto market trends before investing any funds.


This is only the first iteration of the product, with the team behind it focusing on enhancing it to bring clarity in the complete crypto investment space and improving investment into blockchain startups for institutional investors.

Development Roadmap And Vision

In the months following the launch, Alluva will be expanded to include additional features and offerings to provide customers with an engaging user experience while also building up the community of cryptoanalysts.

It will also begin to cater to institutional investors who are driving the growth of blockchain through funds allocated specifically to cutting-edge products and projects. By leveraging community sentiment and input, Alluva will be able to provide such investors the data they need to make accurate investment decisions.

Listings and Airdrop Upcoming

As part of its launch, Alluva will also be listing on leading exchanges. The Alluva tokens will be redeemable against Oddup’s services and, in the near future, against those of its global partners. As part of the listings upcoming, Alluva will also be hosting multiple airdrops.

More Details

For more details on upcoming listings, click here . For more details and to review the white paper, click here . To stay updated with all news that Alluva shares and to get any questions answered, users, are encouraged to join the Alluva Telegram Group here , or follow Alluva’s Medium account here .

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