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October 23, 2019 1:00 AM UTC

OBJ Reveals Unique Gift He Plans on Giving GOAT Tom Brady

It is not unusual for star players, like Odell Beckham Jr., to do something to show respect for other star players, like Tom Brady. It’s one of the reasons why you see guys trading jerseys after games. But OBJ isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill star. So, when it comes to showing respect for one of the game’s greats, he is going to do so in his own, unique, OBJ-fashion.

No, he is not going to give him a million-dollar watch to wear during the game. He is going to give him a rather special and unique pair of cleats.

Cleats Fit for Only the Greatest of All Time

Over the years, OBJ has developed a bit of a reputation for his custom cleats. During the game, he has to wear regulation cleats like everyone else. But during warm-ups, like many guys, he has been known to wear some rather unique cleats.

But it sounds like he may have outdone himself with the pair he is giving Brady—they’re made of goat (Greatest Of All Time; clever, right?) hair.

A local reporter shared the news on Twitter:

To his credit, OBJ also said he hopes that no goats were harmed for the cleats to be made. It might have been better to find out first rather than ‘hope’ after the fact. But he deserves a little credit for at least thinking about the actual goats along with Brady.

Twitter Responds

As could be expected, Twitter responded with a wide variety of comments about OBJ and his goat-hair cleats. Some wondered if this is his way of trying to start a dialogue with Brady to see if the Patriots might trade for him (probably not since they acquired Mohammed Sanu from the Falcons). OBJ has expressed his admiration for the ‘Patriot Way’ in the past, and Bill Belichick has been complimentary of him.

If Brady is leaving town, like Adam Schefter thinks (not a chance), adding a guy like OBJ would undoubtedly help the transition from Brady to Jarett Stidham.

Others expressed their displeasure with OBJ:

There were jokes, of course, but the most common focused on Brady being the GOAT and not OBJ:

Nothing Wrong With A Little Respect

It is a nice gesture by Odell Beckham Jr. to a player most would agree is the GOAT. But if he didn’t spend so much money on custom cleats, maybe paying fines for uniform violations wouldn’t bother him so much.

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