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NY-Based Ad Agency Catapults Real World Blockchain Adoption Using Ethereum Token

Last Updated April 14, 2023 7:04 AM
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Last Updated April 14, 2023 7:04 AM
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New York has long been known as the global leaders in advertising and now one of its fastest growing agencies has its sights on the next big thing for the industry: blockchain.

QNY Creative, a creative agency that works with brands such as National Geographic and IHG Hotels, is partnering with Canadian-based cryptocurrency startup Adbank  to leverage its blockchain technology for the advertising industry and the Ethereum-based ADB token in a series of pilot campaigns for their clients.

The award-winning firm is intimately familiar with the issues in digital advertising and has earned a reputation for being one of New York’s most transparent and results-driven agencies.

Seeing the potential for blockchain in advertising, QNY has already begun seeding information to their clients about Adbank’s technology with high interest for pilot programs to see what it can do for the bottom line. The blockchain provides end-to-end transparency of payments between advertisers and publishers, a first for a notoriously opaque industry, and a new infrastructure that provides powerful new ways to fight fraud.

“The agency and its clients are excited to partner with who we believe is the true leader in blockchain ad tech. Our agency’s goals and values are inline with Adbank’s strategy, and will help shift the industry towards a more global transparency. This will help benefit and mend the strained relationships between brands and advertising agencies that struggle with combating ad fraud. Clients want more analytics and accountability for each dollar they spend. Trust and transparency is no longer a given, it needs to be shown.”


James Ferranti Chief Marketing Officer + Partner

Digital ad fraud has become a major concern among the advertising community, with a few advertisers going as far to launch civil suits. Google settled a law suit for click fraud  by Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles in 2006 for $90m and in 2017 settled another click fraud case  covering the 2004 through 2008 period for $22.5m. Last year, Uber sued ad biz Fetch  alleging click fraud.

“Agencies like QNY are on the front lines in digital advertising and often the ones that have to explain the major discrepancies caused by issues like ad fraud. Their enthusiasm for what we’re doing is further proof that the industry is ready for meaningful change and a solution they can trust. Better yet, this is a solution they don’t have to trust because the beauty of blockchain is that it’s completely trustless. That is a remarkably fresh breath of air for an industry so starved for transparency.”

– Angelo Dodaro, co-founder & CMO @ Adbank

QNY has an impressive client roster  in the luxury, retail and lifestyle industries. The NY-based agency will provide valuable insight into what problems need to be solved first to achieve optimal product/market fit as soon as possible.

Adbank’s recently onboarded PR agency , 1Milk2Sugars, will support the announcements of major pilot campaigns through amplification and coverage on traditional media outlets. Q3 & Q4 are looking bright with many significant opportunities on the horizon.

About Adbank:

Adbank is a powerful online ad platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to remove middlemen that take up to 70% of all ad revenue & dramatically reduce the $50 billion problem of ad fraud using patent pending anti-fraud AI technology.

By using the Adbank platform, publishers can get paid more for their content while charging advertisers less and creating a transparent ecosystem that benefits all key stakeholders in the industry.

Website: http://adbank.network/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/adbanknetwork 

About QNY Creative:

Founded in 2008, QNY’s purpose is to bring together two groups of people who share a love for storytelling: creative design and creative strategy. QNY is an integrated creative agency, specializing in brand development digital strategy and, packaging innovation for luxury, retail and lifestyle brands including Ferrari, L’Oreal, National Geographic and more.

Website: https://qnycreative.com/