Shocking! NFL Teams Punt on Player Demands to Be Paid in Bitcoin

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The NFL can't see that they would be doing players a favor by letting them save and grow their earnings in crypto. | Source: (i) Shutterstock (ii) Shutterstock

By NFL teams are getting pressure to pay their players in bitcoin, but so far they haven’t budged. It’s unclear why they would push back against a policy that would not only slash costs for the organization but would give NFL players an opportunity to begin saving and growing their earnings before retirement.

Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder and Partner Anthony Pompliano tweeted about NFL Quarterback Matt Barkley wanting to be paid in crypto, adding:

“Matt is just one of many bitcoiners that are playing in the NFL on Sundays.”

While crypto Twitter didn’t hesitate to help the NFL quarterback become more engaged in the market, he let them know he was already a few steps ahead.

NFL Will Eventually Cave

The pressure on the NFL to pay its players in crypto is only getting hotter. NFL Player Russell Okung is among the “bitcoiners.” The Los Angeles Chargers Left Tackle made his request on Twitter, and he hasn’t stopped tweeting about it since.

Okung went on to say, “How dope would it be to see an ESPN headline with an athlete being paid in BTC?” He also wanted to know where everyone traded their crypto. One follower recommended Bittrex, and it didn’t take long for the bitcoin exchange to respond:

“Hi Russell – great to connect with you! We’d love to introduce you to Bittrex. Feel free to reach out to us via DM.”

Crypto hardware wallet Trezor didn’t let the opportunity pass them by, either, saying:

“Hey Russell, you’re gonna need a secure place to store those bitcoins. DM us so we can hook you up.”

The NFL’s Value

Bitcoin is back in the limelight, with the price now barreling toward $10,000. NFL teams have lofty valuations that run into the billions of dollars. Take the Dallas Cowboys, whose value last year reached the $5 billion threshold, according to Forbes. They were the first team to pull off this feat even though the Cowboys haven’t played in a Superbowl in more than two decades. According to Forbes, Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the highest paid player last year, fetching on-field compensation of more than $66 million plus about another $10 million in other income.

Okung also tweeted that he’s sharing the bitcoin gospel with his NFL peers so it won’t be long before the word spreads throughout the league. At this rate, bitcoin is bound to catch on like wildfire and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would be a fool not to comply.

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