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GAWMiners Introduces Hashlet; Shopify Crashes

Last Updated April 26, 2023 7:42 AM
Scott Fargo
Last Updated April 26, 2023 7:42 AM
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GAWMiners Introduces Hashlet, Josh Garza On Hashlet And The Future of Mining

GAWMiners  has crashed Shopify! Over the last year, GAWMiners has led the way on many new products and built itself into one of the top ASIC miner selling vendors worldwide. Josh Garza, the owner of GAWMiners, has been very vocal in his support of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies, and he has put his money where his mouth is. His recent purchase of btc.com for $1 million proved that in a big way. Since Hashlet’s launch at 2PM, Shopify’s network has been down for unknown reasons. Many speculate that the demand at this specific launch is the reason for Shopify’s back end dropping out.

When Litecoin took its most-recent slide in value Josh announced he was moving up part of the Project Prime initiative to help the Scrypt Mining industry and alt-coins as a whole. The first part of that initiative is the new Hashlet mining ecosystem. Hashlet is bringing large scale cloud mining to people to make it affordable and sustainable. With power requirements going up and up for new mining hardware and the difficulty of almost all coins going up very fast as well, requiring even more hardware to be competitive, it is getting more imperative to be able to use a trustworthy cloudmining or hosting service.
Here is some info on Hashlet that just launched at 2pm to such strong demand it took Shopify down with a huge volume. Shopify is the largest e-commerce service in the world, and it is being overloaded with the demand.To quote Josh,

“We use Shopify, the largest e-commerce system in the world.
And we literally just brought it to its knees !!”

Prior to press time, every Shopify sales site that I tried was giving me 500 Errors and will not come up. This is indicative of abnormal demand for GAWMiner’s new product. Josh predicts they may do $1 million in sales for today’s launch.


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Shopify Was Overloaded With GAWMiner Traffic Which Affected All Shopify Sites

Hashlet Announcement:

Hashlet is a digital cloud mining service that allows for not only changing algorithms but also uses some of the newest equipment there is to achieve the scale needed to meet the demand and needs of miners.

What is a Hashlet?
Hashlets started with one goal: to bring all the best parts of hardware miners forward, and leave behind all their limitations. Hashlet is the result of our most-ambitious R&D initiative ever. We’ve built into every Hashlet miner jaw-dropping features that you could never dream of having on previous hardware. I’m talking features like zero pool fees, Forever. I’m talking features like maintenance fees that actually decline over time.

A Hashlet is capable of things no physical miner or a virtual miner could ever be! Simply put, a Hashlet is a Digital Cloud Miner that keeps getting better smile

The First Digital Cloud Miner
Right off the bat, this means Hashlets are exclusively housed and controlled from ZenCloud.

The future of profitability is in cloud mining and the only way to deliver this level of technology at this scale is in datacenters. But that’s where’s things really start getting interesting because now that we’ve acquired ZenMiner, we can mix their hosting technology with our next-generation hardware. We’ve produced a miner incapable of negative ROIs because the maintenance fees can reduce over time! That’s right, and there will never be a time a Hashlet cost more to run then you make, and they will always make money.

Introducing ZenPool “The Worlds Most Profitable Pool”
Hashlets will be the only miners that will be able to mine to the new ZenPool, the Most Profitable Pool in the World. Leveraging the scale of our hashing power, along with the technology ZenMiners has built, we have joined together to create a pool that can deliver payouts almost twice as high as the top pools today!

Yea, you read that right. In addition, we will continue to improve our technology to hold payouts for longer than any other pool.

Hashlets will be upgraded over time……
Finally, Hashlets are upgradeable. How can a digital miner be upgradeable? Simple, because its digital and we built it smile The same Hashlet miner may one day be upgradeable beyond limit… and, well… it might just even be able to mine other algorithms ;-)

I was able to ask Josh some questions about Hashlet and its launch.

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Hashlet ZenCloud Miner Screen

How are you going to help your ZenCloud customers as well?

By giving them the most-profitable pool in existence. People mining it won’t need any help :D
We also allow customer to convert to Hashlets at no cost!

What do you have to say about people like Gavin Andresen who suspect most cloud mining operations are ponzi schemes?

You make a lot more money being honest with your customers and treating them fairly. But he’s right, and some of them are. People should always always always research a company before investing with them. I can’t stress that enough.

So for a cloud mining provider, what you want to look for is a strong and documented record of owning and ideally delivering miners to customers. Make sure they have their hands on hardware. And you also want to look for a company that’s heavily invested in the industry, which mean’s they’ll have a lot to lose by screwing their reputation. My company GAW, for example, is spending millions to acquire the best firms and domains in the industry. We’re in this for the long haul and sure as heck aren’t risking all that money so we can run a scam for a few weeks.

Just be careful, do your research, and you’ll be fine.

Did you have special units made for the Hashlet back end or is it a mix of hardware to be able to deal with the different algo coins and such?

We have some old inventory hashing for us, but the vast majority of our output comes from chips that have just come in as a result of a new partnership we just formed. And new ones are coming in all the time.

Is there anything else you would like to state about the debut of Hashlet and the future of mining?

The future of profitability is in the cloud. End of story.

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Hashlet Features

Hashlet is about tipping the scale back in favor of individual miners so they can compete with giant mining datacenters with thousands of ASICs. Instead of economies of scale working against you, now they work for you since we have the best hardware in the industry. You can cling to the past all you want, but the industry is shifting, and the rest of us are going to follow it to remain profitable.

The bulk of miners understand this, but there are still some loud people clutching their gridseeds, expecting ROIs. Some are even going on about scams. I don’t see how protecting your customers by preparing them for industry shifts is a scam. It’s actually the furthest thing from it. But like I said above, your reputation will always speak for itself!

  1. Hashlet is a huge step forward in mining and has taken the mining community by storm. The fact that they had enough demand at launch to take down Shopify says something about how big GAWMiners has become in the mining industry and just how trusted they are. I am going to be reviewing the ZenCloud and Hashlet ecosystem and will have a review up for you all in the next couple days. The excitement for this product and service is huge. Hashlet is the first large scale shift of mining to cloud mining that is taking place outside of the Bitcoin mining industry, which has also moved towards the cloud in a major way.