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New Privacy Centric Crypto Deviant Coin Issues Whitepaper

Last Updated May 15, 2023 5:56 AM
Last Updated May 15, 2023 5:56 AM

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Upcoming privacy-focused cryptocurrency Deviant Coin  has just released its whitepaper  to the public, alongside a new hardware wallet and decentralized exchanged (DEX).

The Singapore-headquartered project focuses its development on user privacy, aiming to build its native cryptocurrency Deviant Coin (DEV) as a digital asset with security and user experience at its core. With its hybrid DEX (DEVX) allowing users a secure and trustless way to exchange cryptocurrency as well as an upcoming DEX-specialized hardware wallet, DEV places user interest at the heart of its development, promoting utility for DEV via proof-of-stake (PoS) and added security via Masternodes.

Instant and secure conversion of cryptocurrency via a mix of centralized and decentralized exchange advantages

Based on BTS (Bitshares), DEVX will be a decentralized exchange  utilizing a hybrid approach. It will support instant transacting between user assets, while offering a chance for DEV holders to receive passive dividends from the exchange.

In the spirit of hybrid approaches that decentralized exchanges have recently attempted, DEVX looks to leverage on the strengths of centralized exchanges as well as decentralized ones, while mitigating the shortfalls of both.


This hybrid approach will allow for the trading of value and settlements on the blockchains of the traded pairs, while handling all non-settlement activities off blockchain. This lets the exchange give users the best in performance, cost and features, that professional crypto traders have come to expect.

Cold storage security

At the same time, DEV’s hardware wallet  offering will integrate with DEVX to introduce the world’s first three factor authentication (3FA) security option, bringing the ultimate security offering for the cryptosphere. Deviant Coin is now fully supported across the full spectrum of maintream platforms, including Mac, Windows and Linux, while also available for mobile on both iOS and Android. Its source code is fully accessible by all for inspection on Github.

The DEV developers are diligently working to produce a specialized hardware wallet that is as secure as it is durable, in the same open source spirit that underlines the DEV core vision. Expected to be released as a prototype in Q3 2018, the hardware wallet will be one of the most anticipated products in the market.

To keep abreast of developments and be the first to know of its release, users can subscribe to the Deviant Coin hardware wallet mailing list , and stay ahead of the queue to receive first-hand information on this new technology. Deviant Coin is planning a Q3 prototype release for the hardware wallet.

Decentralization and privacy the Deviant Coin mantra

Deviant coin  has abandoned the centralized control and gatekeeper mechanisms of the past, opting for a Masternode network of decentralized distribution and keeping with over 90% pur PoS block rewarding phase. DEV is all about super quick transactions and lowest possible fees with the highest possible security, featuring multi-wallet use, messaging encryption, completely anonymous stealth addresses and low-number confirmation functionality.

With total supply limites, a faster value increase is expected, with always-connected Master nodes allowing for more tasks completed and faster and bigger volumes of private transactions.

To learn more about Deviant Coin, visit the official website  and read the whitepaper . To follow the community and updates, join them on Twitter , Facebook , Reddit , Discord , and Telegram .