April 15, 2015 8:43 AM UTC

New Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation has voted in a new Executive Director. From their blog post yesterday it has been revealed that Bruce Fenton has been chosen.

A little background from how this came to happen starts with Olivier Jansenns, one of the recently elected Individual Directors. recently made a public Reddit post disclosing certain information about the Foundation’s dire money situation. Stating that the Foundation was essentially bankrupt (which is a specific legal term and not applicable in this situation).

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What followed was a certain amount of commotion, the Foundation finally released the board minutes from the 17th and 31st of March. And then a few days after released another version of the minutes, which contained redacted information. However, this redacted information was fairly easy to decipher from the earlier released non-redacted minutes.

It was soon revealed by Patrick Murck that the Executive Director (ED) seat was soon going to be made available.

Patrick wanted to add to the record that what was just voted on does not foreclose coming back and saying that maybe Jim Harper should be Executive Director.~ Board Foundation Board Meeting, March 31, 2015.

Patrick Murck was offering to step down as ED and continue in an unpaid voluntary role while they found a new director.

Brock and Elizabeth both noted that Patrick is staying on a volunteer basis, and we cannot exploit that.

And then Jim and Olivier proposed to be part-time Executive Directors. The present members furthered discussed the issue at hand, with a conclusion not to vote on this right away and to discuss candidates first.

She doesn’t think they are in a position to vote on Jim and Olivier as Executive Directors without Micky being on the call.

Soon after came the Reddit post from Olivier. And just last Saturday it was announced by Olivier on the Foundation forums that a new Executive Director will be voted in this Monday the 13th.

Bruce Fenton, who competed in the recent Individual Director elections (and came 3rd), was chosen to lead the Foundation in its changing times. He has agreed to this position on a part-time voluntary basis in his personal efforts to contribute the Foundation, to its members, and most importantly, to the Bitcoin sector.

Thank you very much. In the coming days I plan to communicate on this forum and other venues with as many members as possible so that we can together come up with ideas for the best ways I can help Bitcoin and the foundation. ~ Bruce Fenton

To learn more about Bruce Fenton, you can follow him on Twitter, or follow him on Facebook. Or visit

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