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10 Bitcoin Job Openings At Growing Startups

Connie Kearney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

bitcoin job futureAre you looking to land a Bitcoin job? If so, we have you covered as you hunt for your next big career move. Bitcoin companies need talented professionals to join their teams, and we’re bringing you the opportunities every week. Look over this week’s Bitcoin job listings and start applying.

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New Bitcoin Job Openings

01. Senior Marketing Lead 
Company: itBit
Location: New York, NY

Bitcoin exchange, itBit is looking for a Senior Marketing Professional with a diverse background to lead their marketing efforts on all fronts.

02. Community Manager/Customer Support 
Company: Xapo
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bitcoin wallet and storage company, Xapo is in need of a Community Manager to take on the responsibility of expanding their presence within social media.

03. Lead Front-End Developer 
Company: Undisclosed
Location: New York, NY

VC-backed Manhattan startup is seeking a Front-End Developer with experience designing, building, and supporting public-facing websites and applications using JavaScript, Node.js, another modern JS Framework (Angular preferred), HTML(5), and CSS(3).

04. Senior Software Engineer
Company: FreshPay
Location: San Francisco, CA

Bitcoin payments startup, FreshPay is searching for a full-time Senior Software Engineer to help work on their web app and API. 

05. Implementations Engineer 
Company: Coinbase
Location: San Francisco, CA

Bitcoin wallet and platform, Coinbase is looking to hire an Implementations Engineer to source and engage merchants and share the innovation of Bitcoin with the world.

06. Graphic Illustrator 
Company: Epicenter Bitcoin
Location: Anywhere

Cryptocurrency podcast, Epicenter Bitcoin is in need of a freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator to create the cover art for individual podcast episodes.

07. AWS DevOps Engineer 
Company: Circle
Location: Boston, MA

Bitcoin wallet and platform, Circle is seeking an AWS DevOps Engineer to evolve their build, test, and deploy pipeline for circle.com and related properties using cloud-based tools.

08. Business Development 
Company: Huobi
Location: Beijing, Beijing Shi, China

Beijing-based bitcoin company, Huobi is searching for a professional with 2-5 years business experience in e-commerce and online computer gaming.

09. Crypto Architect
Company: Koinify
Location: Mountain View, CA

VC-backed startup, Koinify is looking for like-minded crazy engineers and architects, who are passionate about using technology to create a whole new decentralized economy.

10. Head Recruiter
Company: BTCjam
Location: San Francisco, CA

Peer-to-peer lending network, BTCjam needs a Head Recruiter to be responsible for designing and operating an efficient flow to recruit top tier talent.

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