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New Bitcoin Job Openings In The UK, Canada and The USA

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Connie Kearney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

Startups in the exciting world of Bitcoin are creating new jobs and helping to bolster the global economy. If you’ve thought about getting started in the industry, wait no longer. The time to land a Bitcoin job is now.

Bitcoin companies are in search of talented professionals to join their teams, and we’re bringing you new opportunities every week. Check out the Bitcoin job listings below. Find a position that fits your skill-set and apply.

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New Bitcoin Job Openings

01. DevOps Engineer 

Company: Coinbase
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin wallet and exchange, Coinbase is in need of a DevOps Engineer to help build internal tools and automation to support engineering in deployment, testing, and monitoring. Applicants must have experience in building and maintaining a 24×7, large-scale production platform.

02. Senior Developer 

Company: KryptoKit
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Digital currency and encrypted communication provider, KryptoKit is looking for a Senior Developer to help build tests and testing frameworks that ensure the correctness, security, and functionality of deployed applications. The ideal candidate is a team player who is happy to work closely with UX designers, other developers, and technical experts in a collaborative work environment.

03. Junior Software Engineer 

Company: Hellobit
Location: San Francisco, California

International remittances startup, Hellobit is seeking a Junior Software Engineer that has a proficiency with Ruby on Rails in production environments and 1 to 3 years of professional web development experience. Applicants should understand what it means to work at an early stage company.

04. Head of Digital Currency Security 

Company: SecondMarket
Location: New York, NY

Bitcoin trading service, SecondMarket is searching for a Head of Digital Currency Security to be responsible for aligning security initiatives with corporate programs and business objectives, ensuring that client and company Digital Currency assets are adequately protected. Candidates must have a strong understanding of the Bitcoin ecosystem and 7+ years of relevant experience.

05. Product Designer

Company: Chain
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin developer platform, Chain is seeking out a Product Designer to write front-end code and create usable, elegant interfaces for all products surrounding the Chain Platform. Those who apply should have experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

06. Social Media Manager

Company: igot
Location: Anywhere

Bitcoin exchange platform, igot is looking for a Social Media Manager to plan, execute and manage their social media channels. Applicants should hold a degree in marketing/communications plus have a proven track record in social media and content marketing gained over the past 3-5 years.

07. Executive Assistant

Company: Bolt
Location: San Francisco, California

Bitcoin payments startup, Bolt is in need of an Executive Assistant to take on massive responsibilities, be strategic, and get stuff done. Those who apply must be remarkably driven and willing to work as many hours as the founders and be able to keep up with high demands in an extremely fast-paced environment.

08. iOS Developer

Company: Trustatom
Location: Vancouver, BC

Identity and smart contract startup, Trustatom is in need of an iOS Developer to help develop an extraordinary mobile application. Candidates should understand and be able to deal with security considerations and implications, as well as cryptography primitives.

09. Community Engagement Manager 

Company: itBit
Location: New York, NY

Bitcoin exchange, itBit is looking for a Community Engagement Manager to take on the responsibility of updating and expanding itBit’s social media presence. The right candidate will have completed a four-year university program, and have prior social media marketing and/or event planning experience.

10. Bitcoin Data Scientist 

Company: Elliptic
Location: London, UK

The UK’s first VC-backed Bitcoin company, Elliptic is looking for a Data Scientist to innovate on their algorithmic toolset, help build their analytics engine and optimize on its operational performance. Applicants should have a deep knowledge of data analysis relevant to the blockchain.