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Napoleonx: A World-First in Crypto Asset Management Raises $5 Million Within 24hrs of ICO Launch

Last Updated May 13, 2023 1:01 PM
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Last Updated May 13, 2023 1:01 PM

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Autonomy is becoming a largely discussed topic within the blockchain / cryptocurrency sphere; whilst we increasingly begin to lock in to the pursuit of ‘decentralisation’ which is the ‘transfer of authority from central to localised governing bodies’, or a particular set of departments within a  governmental structure, which can be businesses, industries and so on.

At present for example, this can mean the decentralisation of peer-to-peer money lending, in which two or more agreeing parties engage in a secure arrangement amongst themselves, with no conventional figures of authority other than that of a blockchain solution or smart contract perhaps to ensure that the deal reaches its stipulated end.

Exploring Autonomy

The word “autonomy” in the context of crypto and blockchain related affairs points to the goal of personal sovereignty over finances and assets; autonomy refers to self-governance, the right to do so and the means to be free from influence or controls externally.The reason autonomy is relevant here is down to the essential qualities it provides to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere as a whole.

Asset Trading with Crypto

Smart-contracts for instance are the uniquely bold selling point of the Ethereum network and have caused a fresh emergence of new governance schemes such as DAO or ‘Decentralised autonomous organisations’ which give individuals true control over their identities and personal data. Industries and niches the world over are beginning to acknowledge the power that comes with eliminating the middlemen intermediaries.


It is believed that within a matter of a small number of years , all assets will be tokenized making huge implications that major stock exchanges could be authorising the tradability of cryptocurrency shares, which in the simplest of terms means that a user will then be able to purchase actual shares of major companies like IBM, Coca-Cola and Apple. It is at this point that cryptocurrencies should have truly reached their peak in terms of real world validity, a new normality from which mainstream success will follow.

NaPoleonX: Developing the DAF

NaPoleonX  a French cryptocurrency startup and the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager, has taken up the challenge of anticipating the next revolution within crypto.

The company is developing a DAF (Decentralised Autonomous fund) for their ground-breaking investment and asset management platform that utilises quantitative investment strategies (trading bots) within smart contracts to give users a powerful investment vehicle.

Smart Investments

The NaPoleonX  team has created trading bots to create finely tuned trading strategies like the DAF in order to bring strong returns on the user’s cryptocurrency portfolio; aiming also to address larger institutional needs within the financial industry.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate financial asset class sbrings about a plethora of change and opportunity that will have the current longstanding hedge-fund / investment market turning heads.

NaPoleonX Token Sale

The NaPoleonX  ICO started on the 22nd of January which backers can take part in here  and is at present making huge gains towards its market cap of 15 million EUR; within 24hrs they had raised 5 million EUR pushing them further ahead than anticipated.

New contributors can benefit from a 10% bonus which is open until they reach a 10 million Euro milestone.Below are additional details on the token sale:

  • Token sale dates: 22nd of January – 28th of February
  • NPX token price: 0.001 ETH
  • Max Supply: 50 million NPX
  • Minimum contribution: 0.3 ETH, 0.05 BTC or 750 EUR

Head over to napoleonx.ai  to see how you can get involved.