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Money20/20 In Las Vegas Oct. 25-28: Global Payment And Financial Event To Highlight Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM

Bitcoin and digital currency will take center stage at Money20/20, the largest global event for payments and financial services innovation. The event , now in its fourth year, focuses on connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. It will be held at the Venetian in Las Vegas from Oct. 25 through 28.

With 10,000-plus attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from 3,000 companies and 75 countries, expected, Money20/20 explores disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money.

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Money20/20’s agenda covers every aspect of how managing, spending and borrowing money is evolving, including the latest trends, topics and innovations. The event utilizes a variety of formats, such as stand-alone keynotes, panel discussions and co-produced content as well as demos, research, case studies and workshops.

The Money20/20 Hackathon is the world’s largest fintech hackathon. Last year, nearly 500 developers ranging from ages 15 to 58 came from across the globe to Las Vegas to spend 24 hours working on 108 projects to solve challenges from sponsors. Ten teams won a total of $125,000 as well as industry notoriety. Blockchain is one of the Hackathon sponsors.

Hackathon Highlights Bitcoin

“At the Hackathon last year, we estimate that over 50% of the 100-plus projects that were submitted were bitcoin centric,” Rob Wells, Money20/20’s bitcoin resident expert told CCN.com.

From my perspective, seeing that level of focus and interest from developers is a clear indication that bitcoin will play a critical role in the future of this industry.

“Digital currency is vitally important to the future of payments and financial services,” Sanjib Kalita, Money20/20’s chief marketing officer, told CCN.com.

Bitcoin covers so many aspects of what has driven innovation in payments and financial services through the years. From security and trust to data access and algorithms, there is a tremendous amount of core technology that can introduce disruption into these industries. Additionally, with the number of people working on these technologies, there’s a lot of creative brainpower trying to build new solutions.

Money20/20 created Bit(Coin)World last year to be a focal point not just for people within the industry, but also for people outside of the industry hoping to learn more. “Last year, our Bit(Coin)World opening filled the room to capacity with over 600 people,” Kalita said. “Our keynotes that addressed bitcoin directly drew over 2,000 people.”

Kalita noted that input from last year’s event was helpful for this year’s event.

Last year, I met an executive who is in charge of operations of one of the major payment networks. Bitcoin had not been on his radar. During Money20/20, one of his colleagues suggested that they attend one of the Bit(Coin)World sessions, so they did. When he left the session, bitcoin was clearly on his radar and he told me that he was eager to learn more.

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Sunday Sessions And Demos Address Bitcoin

On Sunday, Oct. 25, a session on bitcoin regulatory challenges and state licensing will be held from 2 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. Jerry Brito of Coin Center will moderate. Panelists include John Collins of Coinbase, Matt Dababneh of the California State Assembly, Grant Fondo of Goodwin Procter, and Josh Rosner of itBit.

From 3:10 to 4 p.m., there will be a session titled: “Federal Digital Currency Regulation: Ticking Time Bomb or the Last Hope for Blockchain Innovation?” Judie Rinearson will be on the panel. Bryan Cave will moderate.

From 4:10 to 5 p.m., there will be a session titled: “Bits, Blocks, Coins & Ledgers: Understanding Distributed Ledger Technology & Its Applications.” Michael Casey of the MIT Media Lab will moderate. Panelists will include Ted Rogers of Xapo, Vlad Tannev of Robinhood, Paul Vigna of The Wall Street Journal, David Wilford of the Wave Crest Group, and Rick Yang of NEA.

Monday And Tuesday: More On Bitcoin

On Monday morning, Oct. 26, Tony Gallippi of BitPay will demonstrate sophisticated wallet management for enterprises and individuals.

On Tuesday morning, Oct. 27, Eric Larcheveque and Thomas France of Ledger will demonstrate: “Ledger Trustlet: Running Blockchain Technology within Trusted Execution Environments.”

Amos Meiri of COLU.co will demonstrate: “COLU: Blockchain Technology Becomes the Internet of Digital Assets.”

Celso Pitta of BTCJam will demonstrate: “BTCjam: Launch of Global Lending Marketplace Powered by Bitcoin.”

Later on Tuesday, from 5:10 to 6 p.m., a panel discussion will address consumer applications of the block chain. David Bailey of BTC Media will moderate. Panelists will  include Joe Gerber of IDEO Futures, Vinny Lingham of Gyft, John McDonnell if Bitnet Technologies, and Stephen Pair of BitPay.

Wednesday Brings More Bitcoin

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, from 10:10 to 11 a.m., a session will address investing in bitcoin: motivations and expectations for corporate and venture investors. Perianne Boring of the Chamber of Digital Commerce will moderate. Panelists will include Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital, Jay Reinemann of BBVA, Matthew Roszak of Tally Capital, and Ryan Selkis of the Digital Currency Group.

From 11:10 to Noon, a session will be held on financial applications of distributed ledger technology. Jeremy Bonney of CoinDesk will moderate. Panelists will include Chris Larsen of Ripple Labs and Adam Ludwin of Chain.com.

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