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Monaco Based Billionaire’s Society Chooses SuchApp for Initial Crypto Investment

Last Updated March 27, 2023 4:55 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated March 27, 2023 4:55 AM

World’s Top Investors See Huge Potential in the SuchApp Platform.

As part of its initiative to promote mainstream blockchain technology, SuchApp secured the support of an exclusive billionaire society interested in the world’s first 5G blockchain messenger application.

Recently, the 20 charter members, with a combined net worth of over $89 billion, belonging to this exclusive society met in Monaco to learn about SuchApp. They saw firsthand how SuchApp can be used to enhance the way businesses, governments, and everyday people communicate in their day-to-day lives. They also strategized with the SuchApp directors on how best to implement the innovative new business models presented by the technology.

This was the first time that members of the society have decided to invest in any blockchain initiative. They were extremely impressed at SuchApp’s business tools and communication capabilities – so much so that the billionaire society has decided base all of its communications exclusively in the new app.


Ronny Shany, CEO of SuchApp, explained, “we are thrilled that these extraordinarily savvy individuals were able to recognize the potential that our application brings to the market. This group hosts exclusive high net worth business networking events around the world, and moving forward SuchApp will be the only social networking platform that they will use to do so.”

Among other things, members of this elite society intend to use SuchApp’s private group feature to connect and engage with like-minded businessmen and women. At the moment, membership to the group is available only to members of the billionaire’s society, but there are plans to let people outside of the society join the SuchApp group for a fee.

Introducing Blockchain into all Areas of Society

More than just a messenger service, SuchApp is a blockchain-driven ecosystem that integrates the best of social media services like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube into one convenient platform. Designed to maximize communication and help businesses maximize their online presence, SuchApp is the only platform that uses 5G real-time messaging to connect users through video, text, and VoIP services. SuchApp differs from other communication services and social media platforms in the following ways:

    • SuchApp uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to facilitate transactions within the application, send and receive money, and reward loyal users participating in the SuchApp bounty program. The application has its own built-in wallets, making it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrency to make purchases – even people with no experience with blockchain technology.
    • Better marketing campaigns, including location-based messaging that brings the power of geofencing to the messenger platform. Businesses can also create chatrooms specifically for marketing or customer service, as well as roll out their own customer incentive and rewards programs using SuchApp and cryptocurrency.
    • Creating a fully-functional online marketplace. Other social media platforms and messenger services are used solely for marketing and customer engagement, but SuchApp actually becomes the marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods using the security and convenience of SuchApp.

The SuchApp team is grateful to be chosen by some of the world’s most influential investors and aristocrats to bring blockchain technology to contemporary society. Not only does this help SuchApp gain more mainstream exposure, the backing of an exclusive billionaire’s society also benefits the blockchain community as a whole – putting everyone one step closer to living in a blockchain-powered world.

Visit the SuchApp website today  to learn more about how SuchApp plans to become the next generation in social media and communication.