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Modern Finance Chain: The Payment Method of the Future

Last Updated April 26, 2023 6:39 AM
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Last Updated April 26, 2023 6:39 AM
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Imagine a platform allows you to buy products and services with multiple types of currencies, with no fees and innovative rewards for doing so. MF Chain a company based on the island of Nevis is undoubtedly building a brand new cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that most people believe to be a pipe dream. Modern Finance Chain  is specifically designed to add value in any merchant transactions for all parties involved in a platform that will change the traditional trading system and take it one step into the future.

MF Chain’s international team is comprised of PhDs, mathematicians and expert-level blockchain developers, harnessing a wealth of brilliant minds dedicated to the collective vision of Modern Finance Chain and its goal of mass-market cryptocurrency adoption. With a shared passion for the future of blockchain, these experts have partnered together to build a complete and robust digital economy.

Sealing partnerships with other companies such as INGOT Coin, Loopring, ShapeShift and DDEX, is a key for consolidating the MF Mainnet through the implementation of a collaborative platform made by multiple developers. These alliances put together a supportive environment with multi-language compatibility and a library of smart contracts, an essential part of the decentralized applications.

MF Chain’s business logic is based on the Open Zeppelin library for writing secure smart contracts on Ethereum in Solidity programming language. These collaborations will offer a set of solutions bringing together advisers and experts from the Crypto and traditional financial system field, promoting both sectors together to ensure the economic success of all those who wish to join these integrations of both established and upstarting blockchain projects.

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MF Mainnet

The Mainnet is an independent public blockchain developed by MF Chain that uses a BFT/POS consensus model and a unique master node incentivization protocol. Furthermore, MF Mainnet will allow the development of enterprise-level private blockchains, atomic swap cross-chain transactions, multi-blockchain integration and a verified digital identity system.

We believe that the future of blockchain technology isn’t meant to be tethered to a single native token. MF Mainnet is built as an agnostic currency system that functions either with or without a tokenized economy. However, Mainnet also offers the flexibility of transacting with a variety of cryptocurrencies – i.e., BTC, LTC, NEO, ETH, etc. – thus freeing ICOs from the limitations they encounter throughout the current processes of their initial launches.

MF Chain is building the future of blockchain with strategic partnerships beginning with consumer-merchant payment solutions and a unique rewards program. Fundamentally, MFC’s goal is to expand cryptocurrency utility to the point of ubiquity helping cryptocurrencies reach beyond being merely an investment or a trading or speculative tool. Consumers, merchants, and enterprises both large and small will now be able to capitalize on the convenience and security that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology provides.

Merchant Reward System

Modern Finance Chain allows consumers to purchase goods and services from merchants creating a cost-effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that rewards the consumer as well as merchants. By creating a sustainable cryptocurrency payment system, MFC adds value by counteracting the payment system problems associated with traditional merchant-consumer payment transaction protocols.

Merchants in the system will be rewarded a 1% rebate of their total cryptocurrency volume in the form of MFX tokens.

MFX Tokens are valued based on $1 per token or their current exchange rate.

Each month merchant statements are evaluated from the previous month’s transactions closing on the last day of each month, payment rewards will be sent on the 7th day of each month.

To illustrate: imagine that a retail merchant conducts $1M worth of cryptocurrency payments through MF Chain payment solutions from Jan 1 to Jan 31. On Feb 7 the merchant will receive a reward of 5,000 MFX Tokens directly to the merchant’s digital wallet. These tokens can be collected as a corporate asset or exchanged for USD on the open market.

Merchant-controlled settings allow for either keeping the cryptocurrency they have received as payment or immediately exchange it for a fiat currency settlement which is delivered to their bank account the next day. Any trade business has complete control over their funds without the risk of chargebacks or reserves.

Consumer Reward System

Besides of being able to spend cryptocurrency to acquire products at your favorite merchants, consumers are also rewarded in several ways. The cryptocurrency payment option includes a surcharge that covers merchant exchange fees, where the merchant sets the merchant surcharge at 0.5 to 3%. The percentage is paid to the merchant through MFX tokens, and as you spend MFX tokens to make a purchase, you will receive a 1% rebate automatically paid to your wallet once a month.

Using MF Chain

– Request remit payment using cryptocurrency.
– Cashier enters the purchase total into MF Chain mobile device and shows the consumer an onscreen QR code.
– Scan the code with any readily available cryptocurrency wallet app on your phone/mobile device.
– The transaction will be confirmed in seconds.