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Mintcoin Fund Aims to Provide Computers and Internet to 500 Gambian Children

Last Updated May 4, 2023 2:09 AM
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Last Updated May 4, 2023 2:09 AM

The cryptocurrency community is displaying its altruistic nature once again with the official launch of the Mintcoin Fund’s ‘Sponsor a Keepod Kid ‘ fundraising event, which aims to sponsor the ongoing Keepod Kids  campaign to provide recycled computers, Keepod USB devices, and training to 500 children in the community of Marakissa, Gambia.

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About the Cryptocurrency Fundraiser

Fundraising is being led by the Mintcoin Fund  in conjunction with several crypto communities. Along with providing recycled computers and Keepod devices, the groups hope to bring positive attention to the world of cryptocurrencies.

This campaign will offer these children internet access and their own personal devices to continue their education, research and interact with the world around them,” Jessica Hartman, team leader of Mintcoin development, told CCN. She added, “this will also include community training in online safety and basic training on how to use the internet.

Mintcoin Fund has set their fundraising goal to $5,275, and starting Monday, they will accept donations in Bitcoin, Mintcoin, Xcurrency, ViaCoin and W2Coin. They will also be accepting credit card donations. The campaign will end December 31 and the project is expected to be completed in March 2015.


Hartman empasized that various crypto-communities are working together to raise the funds needed for the Keepod Kids Sponsorship, in which only $10.55 can provide one child their own personal Keepod device and a central location where they can access a computer and the internet.

Our development teams are coming together contributing content, graphics, press releases and promoting this campaign,

said Hartman.

We are working very closely with the Keepod.org team on this project. Credit card processing will be supplied by their company, and the Mintcoin Fund store has been preset for 500 children. Every week we will be featuring financial updates on the campaign as well as official announcements by Keepod.org’s social networks confirming our efforts.

Hartman provided the following cost breakdown:

· 500 Keepod Devices@$7 each: $3,500
· 15 Refurbished Computers: $1,275
· 2 Internet Hotspots for one year $500
· Facility Costs: Using existing facilities
· Local Staff: Using existing staff
· IT support: Will be done by the staff of partner organization

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She explains: “Each [crypto] community is responsible for collecting their community’s contributions and exchanging them into Bitcoin on a weekly basis. From there, they will need to purchase “kid sponsorships” from our moolah shopping cart which will be converted into PayPal donations and sent to Keepod for the project implementation.”

Hartman said she became a cryptocurrency enthusiast in March 2013 after discovering the advantages that Bitcoin brings to worldwide financing. Watching the “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto” video encouraged her to become involved with the Bitcoin Google Group and actively begin contributing in the community.

The Keepod organization has a mission to provide USB Keepod OS devices to the 5 billion people — 70% of the world’s population — that are still without access to personal computing.

Their site states: “Keepod is a new approach to bridge the digital divide. Keepod has the potential to help empower people to improve their lives by providing them with access to personal computing. Keepod OS runs from any USB drive, eliminating our dependence on a single computer. By having the OS on a USB, the software is effectively separated from the hardware, reducing the computer to nothing more than a vehicle.”

Those interested in donating to the project can do so on the MintCoin Fund site here .

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