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McGill University Students Learning Bitcoin Through Guerilla Education

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Gerrard Hartley
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Through a combined effort between the McGill Cryptocurrency Club and the Bitcoin Embassy, McGill University students are going to be able to receive an education on bitcoin if they’d like to receive it.

This spring, both organizations plan on handing out 30 mBTC per student to around 600 students on campus. They’re calling it an “airdrop,” even though there’s no parachuting person flying down or drones sending care packages from the sky, but the event will be a delivery of bitcoins regardless.

In a statement, the Bitcoin embassy said the MIT Bitcoin Airdrops inspired them to bring the concept to McGill University.

“The event, which is set to take place Spring 2015, was inspired by the MIT Bitcoin Airdrop but will be conducted according to a process developed by the Bitcoin Embassy, which has been handing out free bitcoins as part of its bitcoin adoption mandate since Summer 2013.”

The paper wallets they’ll be handing out will have the funds in a sealed envelope along with an educational package to help people understand how bitcoin works. There will be enclosed tutorials on how to import funds along with the best security practices for personal wallets.

Security has been a hot topic this year and the last, so it’s nice to see a group taking on spreading the word through first impressions. According to the organizing groups, recipients will also be informed that the paper wallets they receive are not always a safe method of storage and are meant to be temporary. Paper wallet creators could keep a copy of the private key in their personal files.

Groups Want McGill University to be a Cryptocurrency Hub

Both the McGill University club and the Bitcoin Embassy see the potential for the Montreal-based University. According to their research, the university is located next to several technology centers along with the city’s financial district. McGill University is also within walking distance from the Bitcoin Embassy and claims that one-quarter of the student body is foreign students.

“McGill is one of the world’s best universities and it is located in Montreal, a city recognized for its thriving Bitcoin community,” they said. “The student body’s interest in Bitcoin is rising fast and it could very well become a global hub for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and developers.”

Currently, the McGill University Cryptocurrency Club is raising funds for their educational endeavor. They’re using a multi-signature wallet  to collect donations, and claim that a majority of the funds will be raised through non-profit organizations and bitcoin business sponsorships.