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LTO Network Partners with BitMax.io (BTMX.com) for Token Listing and Exchange Services

Last Updated April 3, 2023 8:01 AM
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Last Updated April 3, 2023 8:01 AM
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Roughly 70% of CFOs recently surveyed  said that keeping information siloed is the single biggest data-related mistake that companies can make. This issue, in turn, has a ripple effect, leading to problems with data forecasting and planning, lower operating margins, and communication issues between vendors and clients, and even between different departments within the same company. Despite the insights that data provides, too many companies struggle with data transmission and sharing. They are simply not able to leverage the data they have – or that others have – to their benefit. Either they have to deal with too many sources of data, they face a lack of collaboration between teams and data accuracy, or they cannot rely on the timeliness with which data is available to those in their teams who need it.

While the problem is clear, the solution may be less so. Different companies use different IT setups, they have different data usage policies, they use different data formats, and they have to follow different operating procedures. Many use outdated legacy systems, with updates either too time-consuming to consider or too costly to complete. Billions are spent annually on CRM and ERP solutions that may help an organization streamline internal processes, but even these systems run into a brick wall the moment they have to interact with a different system used by an outside party.

This is where the LTO Network  promises to revolutionize the way the world does business.

The LTO Network facilitates trustless and automated B2B interaction and collaboration between different parties regardless of the underlying tech infrastructure of the participants. Using decentralized Live Contracts that act as workflows for whatever tasks or processes a business wants to carry out, each party participating in the system can validate actions (not just their own but those of their business counterparts as well), secure their submissions, and interact with other participants in a safe, private, and even GDPR-compliant manner if needed.

The LTO Network does this by running a global public chain that timestamps and anchors data and event. With the global chain acting as an overarching main chain, smaller, customizable ad-hoc sidechains are used exclusively between specific participants or companies to execute Live Contracts, share information, and collaborate on a strictly private and need-to-know basis.


LTO Network has been recognized by many, including Torque Ventures – a high-profile blockchain company – as a groundbreaking innovation in the B2B and blockchain and data space that will accelerate blockchain adoption in the corporate and enterprise fields.

Despite the potential of this blockchain revolution in the business sphere, there are still obstacles to growth and liquidity facing participants in this ecosystem. High exchange listing fees, the ICO boom creating hype for projects that lack real utility, and a lack of transparency all have dealt significant blows to blockchain projects that were actually in advanced stages of development and were ready for public consumption.

To overcome these issues, LTO Network has partnered with BitMax.io  (BTMX.com) for its primary listing. Recognized as a leading 3rd-generation digital asset exchange, BitMax.io  has grown its user base to over 70,000 since its mid-August launch. With 50 active trading pairs of highly-selective crypto tokens, it provides a broad range of products and services to global retail and institutional clients. This platform not only relentlessly focuses on transparency, reliability, and quality of execution and client services, but also leads the industry offering of innovative trading service. Therefore, it has been steadily moving up the ranks in the competitive exchange space. With BitMax.io  commitment to listing only high-quality projects, this strategic partnership is a strong testimony to LTO’s proven track record of development and noticeable potential in the B2B blockchain automation space.

The strategic significance of the partnership between LTO Network and BitMax.io  goes beyond simple listing. Both two organizations are considered as pioneers in their respective fields: LTO Network was selected as the winner of the Blockathon held by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, while BitMax.io  has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space. Founded by a group of Wall Street veterans, BitMax.io  has built up the team with extensive experience in capital markets, technology, high-performance quant trading, and token economics. The depth and breadth of those experiences are the key drivers to its high-performance trading platform as well as its transformational approach to crypto trading. Furthermore, with its industry LOWEST transaction fees at 0.04%, FASTEST transaction rates at 400k TPS, and the very FIRST “transaction-mining & reverse-mining” mechanism, BitMax.io  has proved LTO’s selection of BitMax.io  as its primary listing partner to be an optimal decision.

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