Lionsgate is offering 25% off select 2015 hit movies and TV shows with purchases using  only bitcoin on its online store,

Lionsgate has partnered with GoCoin to integrate bitcoin payments into select consumer sales operations. Lionsgate will accept bitcoin for DVD and Blu-ray discs at

Lionsgate is also exploring other opportunities to integrate bitcoins and its the blockchain into its merchandising and sales operations.

More Choice For Consumers

“Whether they pay in dollars, francs or bitcoins, people are spending more money to watch content across more distribution platforms than ever before, and our goal is to offer them greater choice in what they watch, where they watch it, how they watch it and how they pay for it,” said Michael Burns, Lionsgate vice chairman.

LionsgateShop Bitcoin
An exclusive discount for customers choosing Bitcoin as a payment method.

He added that bitcoins allow the company to offer greater choice, accessibility and convenience to its customers.

Lionsgate’s embrace of bitcoin could signify a changing acceptance of digital currency and the block chain in the entertainment industry.

While bitcoin is certainly no stranger to the adult entertainment industry, the Lionsgate announcement gives bitcoin a new level of recognition in family entertainment.

The family entertainment industry in general has been exploring new technologies to improve customer convenience.

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Entertainment Industry Seeks More Versatility

Last year, e-commerce giant acquired Twitch Interactive Inc., a popular Internet video channel for broadcasting, and watching, people play videogames, for about $970 million in cash, according to The Wall Street Journal. This marked Amazon’s second-biggest acquisition, underscoring the popularity of online gaming. Though little-known outside of tech and gaming, Twitch, which was little known outside of the technology and gaming industries, founded in 2011, was the fourth-largest source of U.S. Internet traffic behind Netflix Inc., Google Inc. and Apple Inc., according to network DeepField Inc.

The Lionsgate announcement could also point to a new willingness to accept disruptive technologies such as P2P and file-sharing in addition to cryptocurrencies.