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Kinetics Inc. Aims To Bring Tesla Into The Bitcoin Movement

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

Tesla_logoKinetics Inc’s founder Morgan Rockwell has a dream. That dream is to compete with the likes of Google, Apple, GE, Visa & Chase. How does he plan on doing this? By bringing Tesla into the Bitcoin movement.

For a long time, Rockwell has worked towards this goal.

“I’ve focused on Tesla Motors heavily in regards to Bitcoin from gaining partners at the Motor company, putting our headquarters down the Highway 20 from the first giga-factory and up the 101 from the Fremont auto factory,” Rockwell told Cryptocoins News. Buying one of the first gas stations in California to convert it into into a supercharger station, powered by Solar City and Tesla Energy also helped.”

kineticsbitcoinOne goal for Rockwell is to bring more foot traffic to an incipient, so-called “Block Chain Valley.” Rockwell currently lives in Upper Lake, California, which he plans to turn into the world’s first Bitcoin Town. Tesla is key to his plan.

“[The supercharger station] will bring our headquarters more customers, foot and auto traffic to the town we are currently buying up, and it will bring the people inside Tesla who I’ve educated about Bitcoin into our business in both relationships and partnerships,” Rockwell says. “A self-driving Tesla vehicle that responds to Bitcoin payment is one of the larger goals for putting block chain technology inside of a tesla.”

Rockwell has been busy with Kinetics Inc . The company already features many products, such as BitSwitch; BitNODE; BitServer; BitVender’ BitSD15; BitCongress; Axiomity, and BRICKxy.  There are also numerous subsidiaries under the Kinetics umbrella, like Build-A-BOT Inc.; General Blockchain Inc; US Cryptobank Inc, and US Thumbprint Inc.

The bulk of the work at Kinetics Inc. takes place in the Northern California gas station the company purchased.

“It is a mad scientist lab inside a 100-year old gas station,” Rockwell explains. “I’ve built 3 office spaces in the back metal garage building and am building the front lobby into a Robot shop for now with the ATM, and a farmers market in back.”

Rockwell hopes to procure investment from major companies. He is constantly in touch with some of the biggest names in tech.

“[I want to] inject the Bitcoin ecosystem with the Intel brand and help build trust in the block chain in regards to scalability and viability,” Rockwell explains.

For now, Rockwell will continue developing a wide-range of products in Kinetics Inc.’s gas station in Upper Lake, at the heart of tomorrow’s “Block Chain Valley.”