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Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto Is for Real, Revealing First New Hire

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM
Gerelyn Terzo
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM

By CCN.com: Square Crypto, which until now only appeared to exist on social media, is the real deal. It’s been less than a month since Square Crypto announced they were nearing their maiden hire. Now the company made a splash by announcing on Twitter they lassoed Google alum and Silicon Valley angel investor Steve Lee for that distinction.

Before the big reveal, Square Crypto teased its followers by claiming to have hired an intern named Gary, who apparently “loves blockchain.” That situation was short-lived, and the team quickly followed that joke up with the truth. Lee, whose Twitter handle is “moneyball” and who describes himself as a “PM working to improve bitcoin,” is as pumped as Dorsey’s company, saying in a tweet:

“Bitcoin, not blockchain. Very excited about this opportunity!”

Steve Lee tweet
  Lee is excited about joining Square Crypto.| Source: Twitter

Jack Dorsey just let crypto Twitter know that he was thinking about bitcoin , tweeting an image of “historical bitcoin transactions,” which invigorated crypto Twitter. And while the crypto division is for Dorsey’s other company, Square, clearly he has a fondness for the community.

Meanwhile, Square Crypto’s first hire went over well in crypto land. Among the responses, Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley congratulated Square Crypto.

  Square Crypto’s new hire is going over well. | Source: Twitter

Avichal Garg, the co-founder of crypto asset management firm Electric Capital and fellow Google alum, similarly cheered the decision, saying:

“@moneyball is amazing. Can’t think of anyone better for this role. Congratulations @sqcrypto and @moneyball!!!”

Square Crypto is keeping its strategy close to the vest since coming on the social media scene in March. Since then, they’ve dropped hints that they are working on something groundbreaking even for crypto. While they’re called Square Crypto, their focus clearly appears to be on bitcoin, which makes sense considering that Jack Dorsey reportedly expects  it to become the “native currency” of the World Wide Web. The company recently stated:

“We are close to making our first hire. So let’s set some expectations. True to @jack’s founding tweets, we are building open source projects that will make mass adoption not just possible but inevitable. Our goal isn’t to make money, but to improve it.”

Dorsey’s team knows how to capture Twitter’s attention, even bringing Tesla CEO Elon Musk into the conversation at times.

square crypto tweet
  Square ‘s crypto team brings Elon Musk into the conversation. | Source: Twitter

Incidentally, Jack’s other company, Twitter, couldn’t seemingly be on the further end of the crypto spectrum with no indication that they will explore integrating crypto. At least they are not suppressing the conversation.